Best Bass Guitar Amps For Every Type Of Bass Player [2021 Update Review]

If you have gathered enough cash to buy the bass guitar amps, then buckle up. We are about to show some best bass guitar amps, so that you have plenty of check boxes. To make enough check boxes, we have researched so many user intents.

Finally, the analysis has shown us some of the best bass guitar amps suggestions for you. So, what will the suggestion cover? It will cover a comparison table, where you will find the idea of three different types of bass guitar amps.

These different amps will suggest what is best for beginners, professionals, or intermediates? Then in the next step, you will read a discussion of six unique bass amps in-depth, including pros and cons. After this discussion portion, we will instruct the buying guide, there you will find some definite tips and suggestion. It will easier your buying cycle at the end. Next, we will answer some common questions from our audience. This will help you to know some common traits.

So, we request you to read the full article. It will definitely help you. Now you can ask how? Well, let us explain that through a question.

Why should you keep faith in us?

We are a group of Jazz music bands and playing for 16 years in different places in the United States of America. During our playing journey, we have replaced many gears. And amps are one of them. Through that replacement, we have learned a lot of things. To share a portion of our entire knowledge, here we have included our bassist Methew.

He will guide us to the rest of the journey. So, we want to start our journey with the comparison table. Here we go.

Best amps for bass guitar reviews:

For this section, we have gathered six best bass guitar amps. And our team member had tried each of them, and he is sharing his experience below:

1. Best Fender Rumble Bass Combo Amps with three channels

Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

We want to start our first review with a question: do you know who the first bass amp inventor is? Yes, it is Fender. They had brought their first bass prototype in 1950. From that time, Fender became a leading brand.

To sustain their lead in the market, they developed a numerous amount of bass amps. And Rumble Combo is one of them. This gear can produce some soothing groovy sound with its inherent capability.

For example, Mathew tried the simple bassline of the famous U2 song “With or without you” in this 25-watt combo amp. The sound was tremendous, and it layered the drum kick with a sweet wrapping.

This is what the 8-inches speaker does when a real player hits on it. At the time of running the amp, our bassist had tried the built-in features of the product. He first turned on the overdrive switch, then played a single bass pattern on A minor pentatonic scale.

And that sounds great with a simple Rock and roll beat. Next, he turned off the overdrive and pressed the contour box to check the tone and pitch capacity. It was pretty good at that time. Because the three-channel has enough flexibility to select the sound.

Besides the facilities, our bassist had praised the Aux cable and headphone option. These features are great for self-practice. So, this gear is decent to use in shows and practice pad as beginner or pro.

To sum up the entire session, here are some pros and cons below:

  • Lightweight amp this is.
  • The headphone output is ¼ inches.
  • And the Aux cable output is 1/8 inches.
  • The overdrive switch is flexible.
  • It does not work that much good in live shows.

2. Best Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion Hybrid Ultra-Light Bass Amplifier For Studio And Stage.

Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion Hybrid Ultra Light Bass Amplifier

If the earlier amp is not the right one among the best bass guitar amps list, then you might be searching for a high-end amp. For that reason, we have brought a top-quality amp in this section.

The preamp comes in 500-watt electric power capacity. And it works in both tube and solid-state type cabinet. To work with different types of options, it has flexible facilities. By using those facilities, a player can make their desired sound.

For example, the two-gain channel ensures the type of Gain you need while producing a smooth, low E sound. Plus, when you use this amp in the studio, you don’t have to bother for tone balance.

Because the device has built-in contour and effects. This will help a bass player to record their signature pattern. To take the flexibility into the next level, the manufacturer has included the footswitches.

With this option, you can control the sound even can direct it to your desired tone. For speaking about the feature more, we want to introduce with three unique features. These options stay on top of the preamp.

The name of the features is voice filter, presence, and sincere. These three features can help you to structure your harmonic sound and can merge the bass with voice take. Literally, our bassist had impressed after using this preamp.

This one is perfect for studio and live shows. Since we have shared the studio facilities in our early session, you might have convinced of the studio. But don’t make your decision right now. Here is some real experience regarding live shows.

Well, while we were touring in different states, we have taken this gear with us and aimed to provide the exact sound that our team recorded in the studio. And the whole band was successful in producing that real sound.

In this case, we want to thank our sound engineer MAC. He did a brilliant bass job. So, if you are intending to buy a high-end preamp for a studio session and live session, then don’t hesitate to go for this.

For making your entire buying cycle smooth, here are the pros and cons.

  • High-end amp for professional.
  • Enough room for sound production.
  • Perfect for live shows.
  • Proper for a studio record.
  • Not perfect for practice.

3. Best Orange Crush Bass Amp For Classic Rock Enthusiast​

Orange Crush Bass 50W Bass Guitar Combo Amp, Orange

Now let’s get back to the old school feelings. Here we are going to give you taste a classic combo bass amp. This 50-watt amp is perfect for rock and roll setup. And if you are a beginner and want to start with an amp, then it’s good to go.

So, what does it offer for you? It provides a vast option for the beginner. For example, if we start with the sound, then it is more than good enough. Because you will get enough channel to set your bass tone according to electric guitar.

To simplify the statement, we are portraying an example here. While we are practicing the songs called “high way to hell” by AC/DC, “Dude looks like a lady” by Aerosmith, we found a significant 80s vibe during that time.

For ensuring the vibe, Methew utilized the gainGain in 9 o clock mood. Then he applied the Bass, Mid, treble in a balanced way. Boom!! We abled to bring the right sound for our practice.

Even we applied the theory to practice some contemporary Jazz and Funk. It worked well at that time. In a nutshell, if you are scheming to buy the beginner amp, then don’t late. Go for it.

As we reviewed this for newbies, here are some pros and cons below:

  • Three-band Eq for sound EQ.
  • Headphone, Aux Cable option.
  • A built-in guitar tuner.
  • Lightweight.
  • 12 inches speaker.
  • Just perfect for practice, not for big shows.

4. Best Hartke Bass Combo Amplifier For Exercise

Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier

We choose this amp after the orange crush because of its simplicity and acceptability. According to our bassist research, he has found some crucial information from the bassist community. So, the data is: “if your finger doesn’t run through your fretboard like a king, then there is no artificial instrument that can save you.”

Based on the quote, it is clear that exercise is the best way to master the skill. For making that exercise easier, this 15-watt amp could be an ideal one among the best bass guitar amps. The reason behind saying this one excellent is its facilities.

Like, you can easily take it out to your practice pad because of its lightweight. During that practice time, you can adjust the tone with three knobs. And trust us, that adjustment can produce the best sound.

Besides the feature, our bassist has observed the speaker’s sound. It was smooth and good enough to practice. So, our recommendation is, as a beginner bass player, you can start with it.

To summarize the statements, here are the pros and cons

  • Weight is light.
  • Aux cable supported.
  • Headphone option.
  • 6.5 inches driver size.
  • The warmth of the amp is decent but not highly satisfying.

5. Best Behringer Ultrabass Amplifier head For Studio Recording

BEHRINGER BXD3000H Ultra-Lightweight 300-Watt 2-Channel Bass Amplifier Head with FBQ Spectrum Analyzer Black

So far, this one is the best head amp we have got for studio recording oriented players. This BXD300H Head amp has flexible and massive space for recording. To do that, it needs 300-watt electric support.

With that support, you can take your bass playing into the next level. For that, there are two unique channels with FBQ EQ, ultra-bass compressor, and processor options. These features will help you to record the desired sound.

Even you can make your own signature tone with that. For example, the DI option gives a user to connect the amp with a recording console directly. In this case, you may have a question like:

Will the channel output be bright? Of course, it will be, because this head amp has a dedicated Gain controlling system. To boost up the system performance, it also has the distortion controlling knobs.

This means you can adjust the sound according to the song’s needs. Since the term “song needs” has come, we want to clear the frequency issues. This an essential element to record the proper sound. For that reason, Behringer has introduced a unique FBQ option to select the desired frequency.

That’s all the technical facilities. Now let’s see some physical benefits. If you are playing slap techniques, then this gear has three options for you. They are compressors, ultra-bass, and master.

By using these ways, you can produce a clear and realistic sound. This is, in fact, a perfect way to incorporate the finger technique and technological blessing. So, if you aim to record the live session, or to make a bass track. This is good enough within the budget.

For summarizing the whole discussion, here are the pros and cons of options.

  • Footswitches.
  • Headphone option.
  • XLR cable input.
  • Lightweight.
  • Aux cable-supported.
  • For live playing, this device does not have enough power.

6. Best Donner Bass Guitar Amplifier

Donner Bass Amp 15W Bass Guitar Amplifier DBA-1 Electric Practice Bass Combo AMP with Cable

Before beginning the last review, we want to tell one thing. That is: unless you are in a tight budget, then don’t go for this bass amp. And you can ask, why do you put this in the list of best bass guitar amps?

Well, since we have different types of audiences on our list, we have to consider their budget range and capability. That is why our team has picked this gear in the last, though we don’t have any intention to frustrate you.

To prove the earlier statement, here are some of the positive things about Donner Bass amp. This amp has three-band EQ to shape your tone and frequency. As a result, you can use this amp to perform in the street.

Plus, the built-in 6.5 inches speaker can produce a decent sound to train your ear. During this training session, it will not take too much power to sustain. Instead, 15-watt power is good enough to start the party.

Another good thing about this amp is its durability. The metal body and surrounding coat can save the internal part from the accident also absorb the sound to keep the room noise-free. So, if you want to try it in the street or practice pad as the second option, then it’s perfect.

For aggregating up the entire discussion, here we are offering some pros and cons option in detail below:

  • Easy to control.
  • Aux cable and headphone insert option.
  • Portable.
  • It consumes low electricity.
  • Lucrative design.
  • We prefer not to use this in a live or recording sessions.

And that’s all our product review sections. Now let’s move on to the buying tips in the step.

Things to consider before buying a bass guitar amp:

As we said in our beginning part that, we will reveal some of our buying secrets. So here are all the secrets below. If you consider these following things before buying an amp, sure, you will get a positive result.

Decide the purpose:

First, we want to reveal our primary determination, which is a decision. In this case, we preferred our demand. Since we are a group of bands, our requirement was three types. For example, studio purpose amp, practice amp, and live amp. So, decide the goal first.

Next, combo vs. head amp:

When you have decided on the goal, it’s high time to choose the type. And there are two types of the amp, one combo, another is the head amp. So what is the difference between these two amps? Well, a combo amp is combined with a speaker, whereas head amp is just a box. To run this box, you have to connect it with a speaker. And this box has enough options to adjust the sound than a combo.

Speaker size:

This section applies to the combo type amp user. They need to check the speaker size according to their needs. For example, if a user intends to practice at home or jam, then 6.5 to 10 inches of the speaker is good enough. Or if the user wants to use a combo amp in living, then we recommend choosing a large speaker.

Speaker cabinet:

The fourth one is for head amp users. For them, we recommend to use four to the six-speaker assembly for better sound in practice and live. Because the head amp needs enough room to bloom its caliber. So, if a user concern over the speaker cabinet for a proper sound from their head amps, then it will be fruitful.

Speaker Number:

Obviously, this portion is for every type of bass amp user because most of them get confused before choosing the speaker number. For clearing the vague, we recommend starting with 4 x 10 if you are a beginner. Then increase the amount according to needs.

Power of the amps:

Another crucial thing to consider before buying an amp. For user convenience, we have added different Watt supported amps. But to be honest, the experts believe that a hundred-watt amp is perfect to start. So, based on your preference, we recommend setting the power requirements.


For portability, gravity plays a vital role in the amps world. That is why we tried to portray some lightweight amps on our list. So, if you have a preference for weight, then we prefer to look at our product. You will get an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Based on the earlier discussion, we felt that you might have some questions regarding the bass amps. So before finishing the best bass guitar amps review. Here we are answering the questions you asked.

How to adjust bass guitar amp settings?

In most of the case, the manufacturer provides the instruction with a manual. So, check the manual.

What does a bass guitar amp do?

Since the bass guitar produces a low pitch sound, an amp can make that low pitch sound louder.

Does bass guitar need an amp?

Yes, it needs an amp.

Are the bass amps and guitar amps different?

There is a difference between bass guitar and electric guitar amp, the difference in power, and speaker size. Bass guitar amp needs a large speaker and power.

Does bass damage guitar amp?

Yes, the bass damage the amp speaker, not the whole amp.

How to record bass guitar amp?

There is extra XLR cable in some bass amp to connect it directly with the recording console. If there is not an option, then you can place a microphone in front of the speaker to record.

Can bass play through a guitar amp?

No, they are not designed to plat through a guitar amp.

What are the best bass guitar amps?

There is numerous bass guitar amp manufacturer in the world. But if we mention some of the familiar brands, then Marshall, Orange, Fender is the best brand. These brands produce high-quality bass guitar amps.

Our opinion:

Since we have put our best bass guitar amps review in this article. We have to provide proper direction to our users. That is why we want to pick our favorite bass guitar amps. So, the amp is none other than Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion Hybrid Ultra-Light Bass. The reason behind choosing this gear is for its versatile use.


Now we are in the last phase of our journey. So, before wrapping up the article, we want to thank you for investing your valuable time to read this article. As a token of gratitude, we will suggest you check the first four products from our list. Those reviews will help you to buy the right amp among the best bass guitar amps.

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