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Best Electric Guitar Amps for beginners

Best Electric Guitar Amps For Beginners 2021 | Read Our Guitarist Conversation

Since you are an entry-level guitarist, you must have been searching for an affordable amp for your electric guitar. That is why we have decided to suggest some best electric guitar amps for beginners.

Now, what will our suggestion cover?

Our suggestion will cover four parts. They are:

Comparison table: Here you will find a comparative analysis of the six best electric guitar amps for beginners. This will help you understand the major points of each product.

Product reviews: The second step will describe a detail user experience regarding those six guitar amps. And this will help you to choose the right amp because our guitarist Mill has tested the gears for his students. So, we can assure you that it will be the best suggestion so far.

Buying tips: Next, we will show some buying factors that we analyzed before buying the products. And if you can follow the instructions according to our guidelines, then you will get the best guitar amp within your budget.

FAQ: After the buying guide, we have decided to answer some essential questions in FAQ parts. This will assist them in figuring out the necessary queries.

Our opinion: In this portion, we will portray the best pick based on our experience. As well as, there will be an explanation regarding the product choice.
So, if you want a precise guideline about a budget-friendly product, then lend us your valuable time. We are sure you will get something special. Here we go then.

6 Best Electric Guitar Amps:

As we said in the beginning session, that our guitarist Mill has checked all the six electric guitar amp for beginner level guitarists. So, this session will speak about his experiences.

1. Fender Frontman 10g electric guitar amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

From our best electric guitar amps list, we are introducing first, fender frontman 10g electric guitar amp. This amp needs 10-watt electric power to run its 1 to 6 inches speaker. To support this speaker, it has four unique knobs.

Namely, Bass, treble, gain, and a volume controller. So, how they work? They work as a guide for the beginner level guitarist. According to Mill, the newbies can customize their tone with this cntroller based on their taste.

For your convenience, we are giving some examples here: did you listen to Dire Strait’s famous song Sultans of Swing? Yes, you can pick that song with this amp. Trust us, this one is perfect for classic rock songs.

Besides the rock sound, this amp can provide you a bright, clean guitar tone. You can play the basic chord progressions here. Moreover, it has the option to make Jazz or Funk type guitar tone. So, if you want to try BB. King track, then don’t hesitate to go for.

Not only this guitar amp provides the earlier features, but it also ensures a crunchy overdrive sound with the overdrive switch. It means you can try the “high way to hell by Ac/Dc.”

In a nutshell, this amp is a complete package for the entry-level guitarists. And our guitarist Mill prefers this to his students. For his students, he showed some of these following pros and cons:

  • Single-channel.
  • Aux and headphone facilities.
  • Guitar cable input option.
  • Two Band Equalizer.
  • Media player input option.
  • Tone durability could be better.

2. Fender champion 20 Amp

Fender Champion 20 - 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Unlike the previous Fender, this one has enough room for the entry-level players. It will help them to take their experiment level into the next step because of a single channel facility.

With this option, the player can fix their tone and playing style. Like, the six knobs have individual offers. A player can enjoy these offers by tweaking the knobs for producing different sounds.

If we show you a practical example regarding the sound, it will be easier for you to understand. So, the sample is: Mr. Mill is a big fan of Mateus Asato, do you know this guy? Well, let us give a short explanation.

This Brazilian guitarist is famous for his emotional guitar hooks. To create the hook, he experiments a lot behind tones and fingers. Since our topic is the amp, we better talk about this famous YouTuber guitar tone.

So, when our guitarist experimented, Mateus Asato tone with this Fender champion. He found that the Brazilian guy had just played with Bass, treble, gain, and simple FX effects. Sounds great! Is not it?

Yes, it was that simple to bring the sound from this amp. But there was a tough part which is his playing. Except for the proper practice, you cannot gain that game-changing sound.

Therefore, our recommendation is “practice till you master.” Now let’s move on to the later feature. That is: if you are searching for an amp to master the Riff parts, then this amp has an option.

With the overdrive option, you can select your desired sound by tweaking the Bass, treble, and gain. In total, this one is better than earlier for a flexible budget.

For informing more about this amp, here are the pros and cons

  • 20-watts power.
  • Headphone and aux option.
  • 8 inches speaker.
  • FX like reverb, echo, delay, and lots more.
  • This amp controlling systems are mid-ranged.

3. Orange crush 20rt amp

Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier, (Crush20RT)

This one is not only for beginners but also for intermediate type guitar players. The reason behind keeping this in our best electric guitar amps list is its simplicity. What is the simplicity of orange crush 20rt?

Well, it is just a plug and play type amp. If you are a beginner and just focusing on finger exercise at your first stage, then the built-in knob management is enough. Though our guitarist prefers to fix the tone itself, his recommendation is to stay simple if you are a beginner.

Nevertheless, he advised working with (Bass, Treble, Reverb, Gain, Clean, and Dirty) knobs. Because it will give you the idea of tone creation and improve ear accuracy. For example, here are some real pictures for you:

To get the clean acoustic sound, Mill played a complete D major progression, including diminish and 7th chords. And it sounded soft and natural.

On the other hand, he tried a theme song. The song was from the famous movie “school of rock” can you guess the song? Yes, it was.

The sound was too good to withstand. That is not the end, there are more to come. Like, our guitarist tried a heavy metal track from the “Lamb of God- 11th hour” riff. It was pretty decent.

Moreover, we checked our own genre with this amp, it was good enough. With that saying, our team is agreeing that this one is super for beginner and intermediate. So, if you have a long term budget plan, go for this.

For your convenience, here are some pros and cons.

  • 20 watt is enough to power.
  • Two channels with a footswitch.
  • 8 inches speaker for a loud sound.
  • Tuner and effects.
  • Aux and Headphone option.
  • The cheap guitars cannot produce high-quality sound in it.

4. Fender Mustang I V2 20 Model Amp

Fender Mustang I (V.2) 20-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier with Cable and Picks

If you want an updated amp, then this fourth amp review is especially for you. With this amp, you can take the experiment level in an ideal stage. To help you to get in the lab, here are some of our guitarist’s experiments.

Before writing about the experiments, you need to know the features of this amp. The amp has a preset knob to select a different genre, which means you can choose your tone according to the style. It also has two unique channels for controlling the mood and effect.

Apparently, we can say this amp has something big, right? Correct. For informing you more. Here, we have placed some real pictures: our guitarist had tested his signature tone by manual gain, treble, and Bass. It was tremendous.

Then he proceeded for presets like British 80s, American 90s, and a lot more. Those signals had provided a fabulous taste that constrained him to say, “This is best for beginners practice.” Next step, he checked the amp facilities.

As a part of beginner benefits, Fender is offering digital preset modification and recording options. To do that, you have to install two software, namely Fuse and Ableton Live 8. And the software will come with the products.

Now how will the software work? Well, when you install the Fuse software, you can edit the effects of the amp and presets. This means the chance of self-build tone making is high. Besides the installation of Fuse, you can install Ableton Live 8 for recording the creative works.

These are the benefits of the amp. A user can monitor his/her guitar playing growth by utilizing these facilities. So, we can suggest this beast if you can handle the strength. For your comfort, here are the pros and cons:

  • 20-watt power for best support.
  • 8 inches speaker.
  • Twenty-four built-in presets.
  • AUX, Headphone, and USB option.
  • Digital recording.
  • This one is perfect for a solo artist, not for the band.

5. Fender Mustang LT25 amp

Fender Mustang LT-25 - Digital Guitar Amplifier

Since our last product was a model amp and had enough user-friendly options. We have decided to review another Fender product because it has enough options for beginners. Like thirty presets and self-preset modification options.

Sounds good, right? Yes, it also has excellent sound output and comfortable controlling facilities. So, a newbie can quickly start his/her first jam. During the beginning of jamming, there might be some questions like, can I play my early country progression?

Your answer is positive. Not only you have the option to play a country song, but also there is an option for soothing jazz or funky tone building. Besides these facilities, a user can control the amp by footswitch too.

And they can even record their track by connecting a USB jack with their laptop or I pad. This 25-watt amp also has some exceptional features, according to our guitarist mill. For instance, he played the Vintage Dreamy sound in this amp, which helped us to construct a beautiful intro for our next single.

So, for a beginner, we don’t think it’s a tight amp. It is one of the great amps for giving a kick start. To sum up, the article here are the pros and cons:

  • 8-inch speaker for practice and jam.
  • Two different switches for controlling.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Supermodel amp.
  • Suitable for self-practice but not satisfying in band practice.

6. Donner Electric Guitar Amp

Donner Electric Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP DEA-1

Unless you have enough money to afford the fender model amp, you can go for this one. Again, we are preferring this one for the tight budget owner. Because the features of this amp are limited but perfect for beginner-level playing.

This one better suits for street musicians and home practitioner. The reason is its clean and beast mood. With these moods, you can play regular rock songs and acoustic songs. In this case, this one is perfect for focusing on fingerpicking.

You can play the essential legendary songs from Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. To practice these songs, you don’t need any extra aux cable. Because the owner will provide the aux cable and converter.

When our best men Mill was practicing with this amp, he said this one is best for low budget amp seeker. For this range, it might have fewer opportunities from others, but still, it can make you better at basic level songs.

So, if your main goal is to a simple and cheap budget amp, then this one is perfect for you. Concisely here are the pros and cons of Donner amp.

  • 10-watt electricity with proper sound.
  • Two different channels.
  • Three-band controlling system.
  • Headphone and Aux options.
  • Less scope for tone making.

Through the sixth review, we have finished our best electric guitar amps review session. Now, it’s time to share some buying tips from the next section.

Electric guitar amp buying guide:

In this section, we will share the ways you can apply for a future buy. If you can properly consider and analyze our method, surely there is a high chance of winning. So, the tips are:

Keep your guitar with you:

Our first tips before buying the guitar amp are to take your guitar to the store. Since your guitar pickups and the built feature has an individual sound production capacity, its essential to make the guitar in the store. This will assist you to choose the right product.

Decide which type of amp you want?

Next, check all the three types of amps. For example, tube, solid-state, and model amp. These sorts of the amp will help you to understand which sound you need. Since you are a beginner, we prefer to start with solid-state or model amp. They provide a robust understanding of the sound and tone. If you become familiar with the amp, then you will able to differentiate the music later.

Consider the wattage:

Thirdly, we prefer to check the wattage. For your convenience, our suggestion is: 15, 25, 50 watts amp are the best electric guitar amps for beginners. Now you can ask: why the watt is essential? It is necessary because of the amp loudness.

So, the more wattage is in an amp, the louder it is. Though a high wattage refers to the efficiency of amps, we believe 15 to 50 watts are enough for a beginner.

Sound accuracy:

This is a crucial part of an amp. If the sounds are not good, then the entire practice is gone. So, audio accuracy is an essential fact. To understand this, you have to tweak the volume, treble, Bass, mid, reverb and fx knobs till you get the desired sound.

If you cannot do it, take your expert friend or mentor. They can help you out to detect the accuracy of sounds.

Explore the channels:

As the beginner level amps come in the limited channel, our recommendation is to explore the channel with your guitar. Play a riff, some common chords, guitar licks, and if there is an expert, let him play the arpeggios. It will help you to understand the channel function and qualities.

Speaker sizes.

Usually, 6.5 to 12 inches speakers are good enough for beginners. But we are requesting you to check the output. If it can satisfy your ear, then size does not matter.

Configurations of the amp.

Since the world is moving towards update, the guitar amp industry has updated too. That is why configurations are essential at present. All the model amps have tremendous facilities like recording options, preset modification options.

Sometimes they offer to download the preset library for their amps. In this case, our guitarist prefers you to check the configurations.


Finally, we want you to observe the portability. In this instance, tube amps are dense and tough to move. On the other hand, solid-state and model amps are easy to move and have low maintenance. So, don’t forget to consider these options. Maybe you are planning to jam with friends, then portability will be a bar if you don’t think now.


This stage will answer the common questions that a beginner asks before buying the best guitar amps. So, here are the questions and answers.

How does an electric guitar amplifier work?

An electric guitar amplifier has three parts, namely: preamp, power amp, and speakers. The mainly convert the electrical power into an audible sound.

How much is electric guitar amp?

It starts from $50 to $800. Within this range, you can get a decent electric guitar amp.

Why does my electric guitar amp buzz?

First of all, it is not your amp problem. Instead, it is your guitar cable or pickup problem.

Who invented the electric guitar amplifier?

Mr dick dale is the inventor of a guitar amp. His main job was to create amp for Fender.

Will an electric guitar amp work with a bass?

Yes, it will work. But we prefer to use the specific amp for each instrument. It will develop the ear.

Does electric guitar need an amp?

Yes, without an amp, you cannot listen to what you play.

Can you use electric guitar amp for acoustic?

Definitely, you can use your acoustic with an electric guitar amp.

What electric guitar amp should I buy?

If you are a beginner, we prefer to buy a solid-state or model amp.

How to record electric guitar amp?

At present most of the amp has built-in recording options. So you can easily record the sound by following the instructions.

Our opinion:

So, here we want to write about our best choice. And that is none other than Fender Mustang. The reason for choosing this guitar is for tone quality and sound. Since it provides the preset modification and own tone creation.

We think this is so far the best electric guitar amp for beginners. So, if you want a compact gear that will represent your taste, you can go for this device, though the Orange solid state is also good.


To conclude our best guitar amps for beginner articles, we want to place a question. That is: How will you rate our content out of 10? Let us know the answer. And don’t forget to share which product have you bought? This will motivate us to create better content for our users and community.

So, bye for now. See you with the following content.

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