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A newbie may suffer from choosing which brand suits their taste. Well, No need to worry, I’m here to give you some ideas about Best electric guitar brands which will go with your choices. However, choosing a guitar brand need some additional pros and cons. By that, you can easily find the best guitar brand works for you the best.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best electric guitar products which are great to use plus has great value. Many guitar brands make incredible earnings on their most recent models and can make available resources instruments that have cheap price options. Other brands restore their popular models to lessen the production cost to have a guitar low-priced.

Also, try to choose a brand which suits your budget and has additional features to match with your choice. However, I’ll try to give you some electric guitar brands lists which will go with your taste. Let’s start with it!




This electric guitar brand is manufactured under some secondary brands such as Epiphone, Tobias, Maestro, Kramer, and Steinberger which have several new brands on their construction position in their long-lasting market records.

This brand has many guitar advances from the get-go with various famous latest advances such as Min-Etune computerized auto-tuning instrument trademarked which you can play it under two seconds and is marked on some of their famous models in recent days.

This brand provides strong strings and really good designed for a guitarist as it has various options of sizes and shorts. It has great value plus you can clean it easily with lock option and a guitar box is available in this brand.



Fender is one of the most admirable products in the world. It is famous for its excellent design and lots of performers suggest using it for its simple working. Well, this is really excellent and playable or perfect for a performer as it has additional features.

It has a unique look which is an advantage of it. It is also not heavy and the playability is different than other brands. The cutaways include good contact all over the neck, and the guitar sounds are really amazing. The bridge pickups have a naturally funky quack-like tone which gives you a special noise which will suit with rock and jazz genre.



Ibanez is a Japanese brand which is famous for its amazing pickup guitars; it is a perfect brand for a newbie as it has different price selections. It has a maple neck, mahogany body, a rosewood fretboard, and a perfect body to carry. Mutually, these features give this guitar a suitable noise.

It is an electric guitar which has a pretty fine look and simple to access because of its neck shape. However, it has great value to buy it as a newbie. Overall, it is a great product to use.



ESP is recently popular for young people for producing quality songs and it has features as electric guitars. The ESP is just an additional instance of the genius electric guitar. This guitar is mahogany and the neck is made out of rosewood as well as the fretboard. The bridge and tailpiece attached to the guitars give perfect pickup sound which is good for producing songs.

The pickup has a different color and design to choose and the price is standard. It is a well made and great looking instrument which has design pickups.



Jackson is one of the best manufactured electric guitars for a performer. The brand is rated among the top five electric guitars which make it perfect for producing songs. This brand has a designed guitar which includes a maple body with a shiny look.

The fretboard and the neck are made out of rosewood which gives supreme tone superiority. In every neck of a guitar, there are bolt-on maple force necks. It has a master tone settings and a volume controller sound effect. It is easy to play and has an unbelievable sound quality which allows different value to choose.



This brand is really famous for its classical tone which creates a new dimension for a newbie to use. Squier is a brand which is perfect for making rock and folk genre. It is inspired by 50’s electric guitar pickups which have a vintage sound with a modern feature.

The single-coil pickups are really smooth, and the design is really unique just like Fender and Ibanez guitars. It has solid alder with the classical style which looks like a vintage well-balanced sustain or clarity. But, it has an expensive price to buy as it has a unique style of the genre.



Epiphone is most talked guitar which is well-known for producing music. It is really good for playing as a learner gets to learn music in a perfect manner. The quality is really perfect and the neck and the fretboard is made out of rosewood which has a perfect tone to tune.

The guitar is also light weighted and really effortless to maintain it as a newbie. It has a unique style of Rock genre with lower or upper chords options. This product has a logical value to buy.


In the end, there are many models with excellent brands which are popular all over the world. In every guitar market, there are actually many options available for every guitarist at any suitable price. Don’t forget to check the top-rated reviews before choosing an electric guitar to buy. Also, check the amp and the body parts features whether it goes with you or not before buying it.

Always, try to buy a guitar which has quality features before choosing it. You can watch online tutorials or check some Amazon guitars brands pros and cons for buying it. Actually, you’ll need to check every detail, for example, you’ll want a good-looking body, a soft neck, updated pickups and maybe extra accessories as you will play it regularly!

I hope this article is helpful for you as it has the best electric guitar brands for beginner and hopes you’ll get your suitable electric guitar. Good luck!


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