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Best Electric Guitar For Beginners 2021

Music is the nourishment of the soul. As music is widespread and is available in reflective variety thus, everyone has discrete likes and dislikes for exact kind of music. When you choose to learn music, the choice is as particular as your dress wisdom. There are numerous instruments to pick. Furthermore, there are various classes in the similar tool to choose from also. For those who are affectionate of guitar, here is an article on the best electric guitar for beginners.

Let’s begin with a comparison between a few of our favorite selections.

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Top 10 Best Electric Guitar For Beginners Guide-

Full Size Black Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package

Most of the guitarist who prefers electronic accessories will recommend you the Full size black electric guitar from this brand. A guitar that stays in tune isn’t too expensive and most certainly a beginner friendly tool to buy, this model ticks all must-have points on the list.

The rock sound quality is superior thanks to the augmentation of Humbucker pickup. Also, there is an Amp included, and you can use your headphone too with the jack. It also allows for distortion. The body is good looking and lightweight enough to hold comfortably.

The major highlight is the price. A guitar in such price range usually lacks most of the basic requirements, but here the case is different. In short, it is an electric guitar worth for your money and great to start.


Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar Package-Old Violin Sunburst

If you want to get the best electric guitar brands with the best value, then go for Yamaha, the brand that knows the worth of good music and great playing. If you are familiar with ukulele playing, then you might want to start learning guitar with this model.

The manufacturing went through precision technique to ensure durability. The guitar looks gorgeous with the dark blue finish, and it doesn’t feel cheap at all. The body finish is incredible and eye-catching. The frets are smooth and well-placed.

The amp, straps, strings, picks all work moderately good. The tuner does an excellent job at producing proper tuning each time, and minor adjustments are easy. Overall, the guitar is an excellent pick for novice guitarists.


Full Size Electric Bass Guitar Starter Beginner Pack with Amp Case Strap Black Package

This guitar package is an excellent pick for the folks who are just starting. I would call the full-size electric bass guitar the average guitar that has some basic but essential features. The guitar comes with cables, strap, and amp. There is also a case to carry the tool easily so quite portable.

The guitar has two knobs that are easy to deal. Also, the amp works fine and creates a decent sound. The strings are in tune as soon as they finish stretching after a few days of use. Also, the guitar is lightweight and easy to manage.

The amp is good for folks who practice in their room, but with a little upgrade, you will get complete satisfaction. Overall, it is a great bass guitar to buy if you are a beginner guitarist.


Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-LH-SB-KIT-1 Electric Guitar Pack, Left Handed, Sunburst

The Rise model from the brand Sawtooth is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a gift for their music loving friends. The looks are mesmerizing, and the color is beautiful too. It comes with a maple neck and a basswood body that ensures you high durability.

The fretboard is maple wood, and it has dot inlays for better functioning. The scale length is 25.5,” and the bridge is adjustable for user comfort. The kit includes all the necessary accessories like cable, bag, strap, pitch pipe and many more to give the complete package for practicing.

The price is very reasonable, and so beginners would find it easy to buy and try one. The amplifier works very fine and delivers everything you would expect from a small amp. It is a worth to spend guitar for anybody who is just starting.


Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Ebony)

The Epiphone this time wanted to introduce a beginner-friendly guitar that offers maximum features in minimum budget. And they are a success for sure! The model is a decent pick for impressive tuning, great sound, beautiful looks and many more.

It is the complete package for the novice guitarist who needs to start the musical journey with less investment. You get two classic humbucker pickups that work excellent. The amp that comes along is ten watt Electra type. The cable is ten feet long. Also, it includes other accessories like the chromatic tuner, medium picks, bag, and strap. You will be able to download lessons from the media for practicing.


Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster Beginner Electric Guitar - Left Handed -Maple Fingerboard, Butterscotch Blonde

This model from the squire is a perfect guitar for not only beginners but also the professional guitarists out there. The time-tested features ensure you enjoy the latest design and benefits. The two single coil pickups are excellent for tuning good tunes.

You will be able to do a graceful number of recording easily. Also, the ability to have string height adjustment is a big highlight to talk. The bridge has six saddles so that the note intonation is accurate. There is also tone control, master volume, and significant tone variations.

The c shape and design lets the guitar fit comfortably in the palm. You will feel a direct connection with the solid maple. In short, it is the perfect choice for the pursuer of music.


Sawtooth Candy Apple Red Electric Guitar with Pearl White Pickguard, Amp, Gig Bag

The ES guitars are perfect for both pro and novices. Thanks to the best value design and versatility it has become quite popular in folks. The easy playing style and great vibe give the musician an artistic look and feel.

The body is sycamore, and the bridge is tremolo. And so the tuning is rock-solid. The three pickups are excellent in providing a classic tone while playing. It is a complete package that includes all the basics and offers out of the box benefits.

This excellent guitar pack contains everything you will need to start playing right out of the box! The quality at this price is entirely satisfactory. It comes with a gig bag that is of lined vinyl to carry your guitar safely. Also, it includes a cable, picks and a tuner with an amp.


Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar - Pink - Rosewood Fingerboard

It is an average style guitar that allows better functioning with a C shape design and a better grip. The chords feel very comfortable to play, and strings are bend to make the playing easy. The frets are a large type, and they are 21 in total. You can try a different kind of musing with the pickups since there are three single coils variety available.

Also, it includes master volume, two-tone control and many more. The pitch variation is sharp and flat. The various string gauges make sure the user enjoys immense quality. The adjustable truss rods are also a good plus.


Metallic Blue Junior Kids Mini 3/4 Electric Guitar Amp Starter Pack, Guitar, Temolo, Amplifier, Gig Bag, Strap, Cable, & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick

A great guitar to buy for your kids who are about to begin his or her musical journey. Most of them will love the design and feel easy to learn it. The Guitar comes with three hours DVD that is helpful to make your kids learn comprehensive playing.

The neck and fretboard is maple, and the body is basswood, so the built-in is quite good. It comes with tuners and supports dual humbucker. The accessories include a gig bag, strap, wrench, and other essentials. Once you do the proper setup, you are going to enjoy better playability.


Epiphone Les Paul 100 Electric Guitar (Ebony)

With this model, you can rest assured that you picked a tool with the most excellent string solution. This modern looking guitar classically feels like a ukulele. So anybody who knows about ukulele will like the design and style.

It is mainly for the beginner guitarist who needs a full package. The kit can also be a perfect gift material. The accessory kit includes a gig bag, tuner, additional strings, and a good amp. The handcraft construction makes the guitar strong and long-lasting. The body is basswood, and the neck is Maplewood. Also, the fretboard is of rosewood. The pegs and hardware are very easy to adjust and tune.


Choosing the Right Beginner Electric Guitars

For a beginner, the look of each guitar is quite alike. In universal, guitars are gorgeous, but for a music student and music proficient, the form, size, make and feel of every guitar is a representation of the kind of music that type of instrument is capable to produces. To find the best electric guitar for beginners, you need to look through a few factors.

The Type

Generally, electric guitar can be present into three significant categories. The Classical guitar has nylon strings and is most excellent for beginners. This instrument makes classical, Jazz and Bossa Nova, etc. The Acoustic type guitar has steel strings and is used to make Acoustic Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, and Folk music, etc. Some of the great performers from the US is a fan of the Acoustic guitar. Certain excellent acoustic instruments as Fender electric guitars. Musician Alvino Rey used this musical tool in front of a widespread group of viewers in a huge orchestral set, and later he made the first pedal steel guitar for Gibson electric guitars too. It is an expert guitarist’s choice as it makes Blues, Country, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Rock music. If you imagine yourself as Bryan Adams, his decision was a bass guitar.

Sound Quality

Out of the several factors that we need to reflect while buying the best electric guitar for beginners, one significant factor is the kind of sound it makes and which we want to master. The music needs to be bright, full and in tune.


For novices as well as expert musicians, the other facts we must reflect “body type” of the guitar which is classically the hard-board. Certain truly pleasing qualities of hard boards such as rosemary, ash, alder, maple, and mahogany are used to create this musical instrument. Each hardboard has a very distinctive grain, color, and density. So each one gives a different kind of look to the guitar, and all hardboard kind makes an exclusive type of tone too.

The body kind of a guitar is typically into four main types.

  1. Dense Body Kind: This is the standard type of guitar body and is present in the maximum number of electric guitars. As the name implies, the solid body is substantial(filled) apart from the space that is full by the voids that hold the guitar’s electronic machinery together.
  2. Chambered Body Kind: A chambered body of a guitar has numerous different units that are designed to decrease its weight while supplementing its sustainability and quality.
  3. Semi-Hollow Body Kind: A Semi-Hollow Body is a fusion mix of hollow body as well as solid body guitar where both the edges of the guitar’s body are thick, but the center is complete of solid hard-board.
  4. Hollow Body Kind: As the term suggests, this kind of guitar’s body is entirely echoing, and it helps the performers fabricate the recovering sound effect.

The Neck

The next feature worth considering is the “Neck” of the guitar. The neck of the guitar is completed of hard-board too. Superbly the maple, rosewood or basswood is used for making collars. The length of the neck chooses the layout between the frets. The best electric guitar for beginners will be the standard model.  A majority of the artists favor a 24-fret neck that makes a higher register. Classically an excellent electric guitar rations 25.5 inches a scale. Most of the brands also prefer to aim 25 inches as scale length. One more outlook of the neck of a guitar value reflecting is the way the collar is attached to the body of the guitar.

  1. Set in Neck: The neck besides the body of the guitar is separate, and the neck piece is within the body using sure good glue so that they seem to be a single piece of boards that are hard. The set-in neck gives a good withstand and great character to the guitar.
  2. Bolt-On Neck: Here the neck add-on is visible as it is close to the form using bolts and it gives suppleness of regulating the neck for the suitability of the performer.
  3. Neck-Through-Body: The semi-hollow besides solid body guitars are made with the neck through the body because it is a single-piece hard-board that is needed to make the whole centerpiece from the topmost of the neck to the lowest of the body. So it makes the most exceptional amount of sustainability.

The Strings

If we think about the fluctuation from 4 strings to 20 strings, from nylon to steal, the diversity is extensive. However beginners are directed to take guitars with nylon strings, expert musicians have their style and partiality to suit the type of music they want to make. Electric guitar strings are equivalent to the neck, whose shallow is enclosed by the fingerboard. By dampening a chord against the fingerboard, the operational length of the music can be altering, which in turn changes the incidence at which the string will tremble when plucked. Guitarists characteristically use one hand to tug the c and the other to press the chords versus the fretboard.

Conventionally, the main hand gives the task of plucking or thrumming the strings. In electric guitars, transducers identified as pickups adapt string vibration to an electronic signal, which in turn is enlarged and fed to speakers, which tremble the air to make the sound we hear.

The Pick-ups

They are used to set the tone correct and typically there are two pick-up groups in a guitar. There can be an extra number of pickups also. A single-coil pickup has a beautiful sound, but “humbucker” kinds of pick-ups are favoring by guitarists who use the guitar at music concerts.

Control Switch

A switch is one more characteristic to look for in a guitar as it gives us hegemony over volume among tone to be set for every pick-up. You can mix in or distinct the pick-ups through the control switch in the best electric guitar for beginners


Bridges let the player regulate the height as well as a length of the strings. There are three styles of bridges – standard, string-through, as well as a bridge with a tailpiece merged that compromise their unique ways to modify the string.

The Site of Your Performance

If we are going to be presenting at home or our learning academy, we can securely go with a standard electric guitar. While accomplishing in front of spectators with the help of a mike, an acoustic-electric guitar is desirable.


A novice’s electric guitar needn’t cost you any more than two hundred dollars at an absolute extreme. With this sum of money or less, you can get yourself an entry-level eminence tool made by good companies. All of these producers have been making a highly admired musical instrument for years and positively know how to pick high-quality goods. You can be sure that if you purchase from a reliable brand, then you would be getting a tool that will last and will be great worth for your money.

The only time it may be sensible to employ more than two hundred dollars is if you wish to buy electric guitar set which will typically contain an amplifier, a strap, a lead and maybe certain books or CDs. These will mostly cost a little more since they have all of the basics that are mandatory to get when you begin. They can consequently often be great price themselves so be sure to include to check out some guitar sets if you are going to want all the accessories.

Finance in a decent quality electric guitar as:

  • It is fiery financing.
  • Try to have an asset in brands such as Fender or Gibson bids a vast sum of peace of mind as the eminence of hardboard used is the finest and the sound produced recovers as it ages.
  • The upkeep is smooth, and the fixtures can be bought as effortlessly, even though online goods.

Does Look Matter?

It is desirable for any beginner electric guitarist at this point to not get too accepted away with the looks or aesthetics of a guitar and the thinking for this is quite humble. First of all, maximum electric guitars, particularly at this level, are founded upon the characteristic and eternally classic form of a guitar. So there is no requirement to spend too much time pondering about the type or plan of your first tool since they are typical and all the same. Then, the intention of the guitar is not as vital a deliberation as its build worth, its tone, and its capability to be played without employing too much sweat and at the expense of your ease.

The only part of the look that you must give any concern to at this stage is the color, merely since it is of no importance about the guitar’s implementation but is something that you can prefer depending on your tastes. The maximum popular is by far Sunburst, but several guitars are accessible in standard colors such as blue, red and black.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

As with appearance, it would be wise to get the best electric guitar for beginners, and you should not get too drooped on the features that your guitar has. As a novice, all you need is a comfortable guitar with possibly three single coil pickups or one humbucking pickup. You’ll have as a minimum a volume control besides a tone knob. So that you can have particular control over the sound productivity of the guitar, but that is all. When you get a bit more knowledgeable, then you might want to study other guitar features for example tremolos, etc. But for now, it’s finest just to get relaxed with the electric guitar and its most rudimentary functions.

Check and Play Lots of Guitars

As soon as you are ready to get an electric guitar and don’t have much knowledge, it’s a good idea to go to your native guitar store and examine the possibilities. Talk to a conversant salesperson. Test out particular guitars to get a feel for what you enjoy. Pick a store with a vast stock of guitar brands so that you can test out numerous different styles and kinds. If you understand what type of music you need to play, that will help limit down your search for the right guitar.

As I mentioned previously take a look at a few stores for their superiority at high charges. If you have a more considerable amount of money to devote you can deliberate a higher quality guitar that you can play forever no matter how decent a guitar player you become.

Which Brands To Look?

We by now know, Squier, Epiphone and Yamaha guitars come highly suggested. A guitar from any of these producers will allow you to travel the world of the guitar lacking burdening your monies too much. Squier is a minor of Fender who is a world-famous brand familiar to even those who don’t play the guitar. A Squier electric guitar is perfect for beginner electric guitarist due to their reasonable prices and outstanding build quality. In a similar method, Epiphone is a minor of Gibson who’s promptly recognizable. An Epiphone guitar will get you rocking deprived of breaking the bank.

Yamaha is a worldwide super brand who assembly a breathtaking array of stuff comprising motorcycles, yachts, ATVs and a number of the highest quality and hunt for musical tools in the world. This quality prolongs to their electric guitars, so you are evident to be happy if you decide to buy one.

Why Getting The Best Electric Guitar for Beginners Is Important?

There are a bunch of reasons why people prefer to the best electric guitar for beginners to start. Let’s know the three vital ones.

It Looks Stylish

One of the primary reasons why electric guitars are so trendy is because they come in such numerous different styles. Some famous heavy metal and hard rock players are notorious by the precise style or brand of the guitar they play. But one of the most significant things to keep in mind is to by no means buy a guitar just for the reason that it looks good. Keep in mind that an electric guitar is not a fashion attachment – it has to have a decent sound too. You’ll perceive that the artistic guitarists often stick to regular models rather than showy and schematic electric guitars. If you’re a novice, it is better to develop a familiarity with the beginner’s guitar before you try your hand at a heavy featuring electric one.

The Pick-Up and Jump

The maximum significant benefit of the best electric guitar for beginners is the pick-up. Maximum electrics will have as a minimum two of these. As soon as you play the guitar, the pulsation of the strings is changed into magnetic fields via electromagnets in the pick-up. These converted signals go into an amplifier- by altering the message; you’ll get to hear the range of different sounds that an electric guitar makes. Gradually when you become more familiar, you are going to be more comfortable with specific features. But all of this differs on the pick-up; if the pick-up on the guitar is not good enough, then the music won’t also be wrong. This thing is easy to alter in electric guitars.

The ‘jump’ is also very crucial in a guitar. Choosing the right type of guitar is not something to be tore into- you have to go through as many shops as you can. Here also, most of the electric guitars will excite you, it will transform into better, and you’ll be able to play more inspiring tunes.

The Therapy of Music

Music can be an excellent means to promote wellness, cope stress and anxiety, aid in recovery, help with studying and test marks, advance communication, lessen pain, advance the memory, right feeling and improve reasoning. That is why Music Therapy is so broadly popular for Alzheimer’s patients. Also, it helps people with incapacities, school-age kids and people with any corporal or emotional sickness. One of the best compensations to music and choosing the electric guitar besides brain stimulation is the stress relief it encourages. Make sure you love learning and do not pressure yourself over it. Be patient besides take your time in knowledge. You can get the flawless fit for you and learn to play the electric guitar all while motivating your brain, creating new brain cells besides giving yourself an excellent way to calm down.

Getting the Accessories You Need

It is also essential to have a few accessories to enhance the performance of the best electric guitar for beginners you will buy. I want you to know about this matter as well.

One of the most important ones is the guitar case. A case is where the guitar is hanging onto to protect as well carry it from one spot to another. One of the right choices is the AME-30. It has the design to fit Archtop guitars. It can work well to protect instruments against climatic influences which causes swelling. Also, the Calton Electric Guitar Cases are an excellent choice to get. These will hold maximum electric, acoustic-electric, and electric hollow body guitars. Due to the cut nature of a Calton case, the instrument’s horn length, as well as headstock offset, are serious measurements that may be bid for your guitar case to be complete.

A classy electric guitar will sound crappy on low superiority amps on any s day. So, when getting an electric guitar amp, make specific to try out the amp at the shop. If doable, turn all the knobs to the highest limit and listen to the sound that the amp will make. There are similar amp-device out there that have a built-in distortion possibility which can be on and off. This feature is particularly useful for people who have no cash to buy an effects box as a distortion feature is the most fundamental for any electric guitar.


An effects box is another great tool to buy when playing an electric guitar. One can make all kinds of tunes using an effects box. The essential tones that one must look for in an effects box are good distortion melodies, chorus, reverb, amp emulator and easy alterations modules. Cables are also an essential part of the complete electric guitar scheme. Inexpensive and low-quality wires are not a right investment since they will exhaust soon.

A Few Extra Tips for Beginners

The best electric guitar for beginners can give power or delicacy, speed or intricacy, and definitely, it is a tool of musical glory. For those folks who would want to know how to choose the electric guitar, here are a few noteworthy tips. If one by now know how to play the guitar and is thoughtful of buying an electric guitar, he must know the different features and potentials of the electric guitar.

The similar thing goes for folks who are using a former electric guitar. Playing with the grips as well as controls of the electric guitar will give one an indication of how to mix everything appropriately to be able to get an optimum sound. Electric guitars are not plug-and-play tools, and they need a lot of understanding regarding mingling sounds and tones together. A great way to holistically hold the essentials of electric guitar playing is to pay attention to great electronic guitar classics.

Numerous lessons are knowledgeable just by listening to different riffs and tunes that are into being from electric guitars. Choose an electric guitar with smooth strings that doesn’t feel stressful to touch. You don’t want to have the guitar as a novice player that will reason you finger swelling. Since that will take away any motivation or inspiration that resides inside of you. Know everything beforehand and then make a final choice. Remember, you are starting with a journey that will need a lot of patience and being too hurried might not be very helpful.

What’s The Difference from Acoustic Guitar?

Playing the acoustic guitar feels much diverse comparing to playing an electric guitar. Mainly for the hand that organizes the fretwork. Typically, acoustic guitars have a heftier gauge of strings on them and more active, causing the guitarist to have to push more solid down on the fret to play a good note. Action denotes to the height of the cord off of the neck. Also, once you play an acoustic guitar, you can feel more of the tone of the guitar tangibly on your body as it is up contrary to you. Maximum of the sound energy of an electric guitar is intended to be directly into the pickups on it, so there is no want for airspace within the wood structure of the guitar. And so much less sound is heard lacking an amplifier connected to it.

Numerous times the neck shape of an acoustic guitar is much bigger than an electric, particularly near the first fret. Also, the back of the neck is typically less hollow than electric guitar necks. It makes the acoustic guitar a little fiddly to play because you should be able to stretch extra in contrast to the electric guitar neck.

Sharp Sound

In short, to learn to play an electric guitar is not dissimilar from playing an acoustic guitar. If you know to play an acoustic guitar, you can use an electric guitar. The benefit of buying the best electric guitar for beginners is that you don’t have to pressure on the fret as reliable as the acoustic guitar to get a sharp sound. Therefore, usually for a beginner is more relaxed to learn to play an electric guitar than the acoustic one even if the cost of an electric guitar is much superior to an ordinary acoustic guitar since, in addition to the total of the guitar itself, you need extra equipment like amplifiers and electrical fixtures.


The best electric guitar for beginners can be a great tool to have around. They are the perfect choice for huge audiences, and their adaptability of style is outstanding. Earphones are a great accumulation to the guitar and the amplifier for the novices who lives in the house with others that don’t mostly want to hear the instrument all night or all day. With this one advancement, the electric guitar is an excellent accumulation to the household for a beginner!

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