A guitar has different parts such as strings, headstock, fretboard, and body, etc. However, these parts needed to be cleaning for a better playable song or producing. If you are done learning cleaning the strings, then it’s time to learn about how to clean guitar fretboard as a beginner. It’s really necessary to clean each and every part of your guitar fretboard for any guitar performer.

Cleaning guitars part requires hard-labor. However, you can use household items to clean the hard-dirt such as lemons, oil, a piece of cloth or paper, and a dish-washing cloth, etc. Just simply use a towel or a cleaning bar to remove all showing dirt and wipe it. Many people think it isn’t essential to clean the guitar. But, it’s really important to clean the guitar in order that it lasts for long.

So, I’ll try to give newbie ideas about cleaning guitar fretboard. Let’s get started!

6 Steps: How To Clean Guitar Fretboard-


Yes, you need to clean your room or move to a neat place for better cleaning. Cleaning needs to be perfect as you want a good result for that you need to manage your workplace with clean materials and neat stores. If you do this it’ll help you to clean without any guitar sliding or falling or banging into anything.

It takes time to understand to organize supplies which will help you with cleaning as you’ll know where your tools are for better cleaning. I was bad at cleaning the fretboard but when I organize the tools, it helps me with saving time and my energy while cleaning it. So, make sure to organize your tools and manage it with neat adjustment.


If you are done with organizing your tools and materials, then it’s time to take away all the strings. Removing all the strings will help you to clean it better. You don’t have to shorten the strings below full tension. First of all, release all strings. Then, remove the strings while blocking your floating tremolo.

Many guitars don’t have a floating term. If you have floating then block the tremolo by putting something pliable under it. It will prevent sloping back in the hollow and you can put it to rest beside the guitar’s body. Ensure to take away all the strings before cleaning it properly.


After you take away all the strings from the guitar’s body, then your first step will be gently scraped among all the frets with any suitable plastic tool. An old plastic gift card will be perfect for rubbing between the frets. You have scraped with the speck, not from corner to corner. You also need to be careful since you can harm the guitar body with scratches by rubbing too much.

If you have something more pointers like a card or guitar pick, then make sure to rub with less pressure as it can leave dents in the wood of guitars body. Also, don’t forget to wear some safety mask to avoid dust on your nose plus face. While cleaning dust may burst into your nose and can give you an uneasy runny nose or coughing so wear some musk before cleaning it for your betterment.


You have to remove all the tapes gradually and cautiously. Above all, be careful of using usual masking tape instead of the small pin material. Nowadays, Guitars are made with hardboard and tough finishes that you may think of ripping the tapes won’t harm, but it’ll make your guitar worst just don’t do these with a guess.

When you are done with removing tapes, just check all the body parts for any metal wool spots. You can also use the vacuum for cleaning the dust in guitars pickups but you’ll have to adjust the pressure in a safe distance. So, carefully take all the tapes from the guitar body.


This step is the most effective for cleaning as it can clean deeply. Giving oil to the fretboard will clean the frets and the guitars part will work better after cleaning it. Many people think cleaning the fretboard with or without oil won’t change anything or else it’s just a waste of time, but believe me, it’ll work best for you. Just oil it once and you’ll see the difference.

Once you are done cleaning the fretboard with cloths use oil to remove the hidden dirt. First, Pick a cloth with some soft oil then apply it on the fret and then remove the oil with cloth or tissue. Also, never use over-oil in the fret as you don’t want soaked fretboard with oil.


When you are done oiling the guitar fretboard, you can reapply the oil to clean it better. After that, make sure to clean the unnecessary oil which has left on your fretboard in the body of your guitar. First, take a lint-cloth or a tissue paper for cleaning all the excess oil.

Then, put the lint-cloth in the fret and press gently for removing oil. Wipe in the way of the wood particle. Make sure to clean the unnecessary oil and rub it softly.

Finally, you can watch this video:


Finally, you are all done with the cleaning. It may be a little hard to clean each and every part but once you are done the happiness will be yours. If you have followed all the steps, then you are successfully renovating the old fretboard to its previous form. Also, it’ll work just like you have played previously and will last for long.

You will feel the same energy when you first get it and played it. Also, cleaning it will improve your habit of stay hygienic and lively. After cleaning it, you can play it normally just like you have played before. Your strings will also stay long as you have cleaned the dust and dirt fills with your string and fretboard which appear because you have played for a long time.

However, I hope you are satisfied with this article about how to clean guitar fretboard as a newbie guide and hope you’ll be able to clean well with this guide. Good luck!


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