10 Best Soprano Ukulele Reviews – Best Soprano Ukulele Brands


Are you concerned about playing or buying a ukulele but not certain where to start? There are numerous different types existing, and choosing one might seem devastating if you are a beginner or not familiar with ukuleles. This article would give you a brief detail about the best soprano ukulele.

There are 4 types of ukuleles. They are called soprano, concert (sometimes named alto), tenor, and baritone. The soprano is the least of the four, usually around nineteen inches in length, and generally has four strings. The sound of the soprano is the “tinniest” and is the sound maximum people associate with a ukulele. Because of the minor size, soprano ukuleles are easily movable. Though, they may be a little harder for someone with greater hands to play. They are also more restricted in the range of tones they can make, for the reason that their scale size is minor at about thirteen inches. The scale size is the “playable” unit of the strings, where you form the harmonies with your fingers.

Basic about the Soprano Ukulele

The soprano ukulele is one of 4 sizes for this musical tool. It is the one maximum people think of as soon as they see or hear of a ukulele presentation. It is the most popular of the ukulele types and the smallest of the four. The Ukulele is powerfully linked to the Hawaiian Islands. But was initially brought there by Portuguese settlers.

A soprano version is the least, followed by the gig, tenor and baritone sizes. A soprano-size ukulele typically measures up to 13 inches on the strings with a supreme length of twenty-one inches.

The tuning for the soprano ukulele or typical ukulele as it is usually known is G C E A. The G is tuned one octave advanced than the other three notes. The G might also be adjusted as a low G. One more popular tuning for the soprano besides the concert sizes is the sequence A D F# B. It is one step developed and is said make a sweeter sound.

The D tuning was the maximum popular technique used during the Hawaiian music craze that hit the nation during the early 1900s. This alteration sequence is the one used in the Canadian school system. The A D F# B order is sometimes recognized as Canadian tuning.

The further sizes of ukulele instruments are tuned contrarily, each making a unique sound and style of playing. There are likewise some more striking styles and sizes of ukuleles. These comprise the banjo, harp as well as lap steel ukulele.

Ukulele Made:

More or less, all ukuleles these days are made of wood, the less luxurious ones will be of coated wood or ply structure. The soundboards for the minor quality instruments will be completed of spruce. As the ukuleles move up the superiority list, they will be completed of acoustically superior woods, for example, MAHOGANY or KOA, a Hawaiian specialism wood. These instruments are remarkably precious and can cost thousands of dollars.

The conventional ukulele shape is a shape eight, comparable to a small-size acoustic guitar. More uncommon shapes consist of a pineapple shape, boat paddle shape or a rectangular shape. There are kits sold so that instrumentalists can make their own instrument for very little financial outlay. There are a number of brands that are popular to produce the best soprano ukulele.


Best Soprano Ukulele Where To Buy?


1. Soprano Ukulele From Lohanu

Soprano Ukulele from lohanu

A Short Overview

This is an appreciable ukulele model for any ukulele enthusiast. This affordable ukulele is a real steal that offers a sweet and classic melody. The look is outstanding and the strings are also handmade with professionals.  Most of the reviews are positive about this model and so it is the most fantastic ukulele among the ten we listed here.

Feature Details

This ukulele comes in a portable shape and so it is extremely comfortable to carry along wherever you want it to. The soprano is a good fit for anybody who has small tiny hands or even kids who are eight or below. This size would be appropriate for your kids and brood.

The Canadian manufacturer company provides an excellent customer service. And so when you have any problem with the player or need a replacement, it isn’t a big problem and they do quick response. There are free video lessons also included with the package and that’s why you get everything you need to have.

The sound produced is so much better and sweet than the ones that are extremely cheap. This ukulele provides the performance of the high eminence musical tool. The back is arched which allows better sustain and also complete sounding system every time.

There are two straps switch along with every addition the tool might need and so a lot of additional expense is reduced. You can easily install and start it all by yourself with a little effort.

This twenty-four inches ukulele looks extremely beautiful with excellent materials top, back, sides and neck.  The dies cast tune has the responsibility to keep the tool in tune for you.

  • The most popular ukulele that comes at an affordable price.
  • Perfect for any level player including beginner and pro.
  • The sound quality is extremely high and sweet.
  • Most of the reviews are positive and people hardly complain.
  • A durable ukulele that stays the same for a long time.
  • The customer service is satisfactory.
  • The gig bag is a bit thin and that’s still not a problem to stop you from buying it.

2. Donner Soprano Ukulele Spruce DUS-3 21 inch with Ukulele SetDonner Soprano ukulele

A Short Overview

This is the best soprano ukulele that Donner brand has ever produced. The design and the fingerboard are attractively amazing. It is the true combination of technical expertise and striking outlook. This is a pro ukulele that most beginners would love to have. It is a real expertise that folks have become used to when shopping from this reputed brand Donner.

Feature Details

The material used to build this extremely functional ukulele is traditional mahogany. The back and side are made of this element. To build the top, they have used spruce which gives a richer experience and fuller sound. The fingerboard was made with rosewood and the bridge can offer very smooth functioning when playing the instrument.

To keep the ukulele in tune the manufacturer has used guitar style chrome-plated tuners. This way the perfect tune could be produced that is smooth and beautiful. The design of the fingerboard is also quite eye-catching and so it won’t disappoint the look conscious folks out there. It gives you an artistic feeling when holding it in your arms.

It is a twenty-one inches ukulele that includes a bag along with other accessories that you might need to have the perfect ukulele experience. Their customer service is pretty awesome and you won’t have to wait for a response too long.

  • The solidity of the product is extremely reliable.
  • The melody it produces is rich and beautiful.
  • Moving fingers over the chords are comfortable.
  • The tuning procedure is very easy to use.
  • The bag allows you to take the ukulele to anyplace.
  • The weight is a bit more due to stronger materials used in it. This is not a bad thing though.


3. Cordoba 15SM Soprano UkuleleCordoba 15SM Soprano

A Short Overview

The 15SM model from the CARDOBA brand is a perfect size ukulele that provides a feature full experience. The top, back and both sides are made of a high-quality traditional material that makes it one of the most durable and long-lasting ukulele. This is a completely handmade ukulele that is perfect for both novice and experts.

This model is their best-selling ukulele and so it has received huge customer reviews praising the performance. The perfect point of entry allows you to effortlessly play and learn the instrument. The construction is highly appreciated by enthusiasts and the design is mesmerizing. The playability is easy and also the price range is within reach for average earning folks.

Feature Details

This ukulele produces a soulful melody that sounds full, rich and perfect. This could be the ideal size ukulele to bring in a small-room performance. It could be used both acoustically and amplified.

The binding of the fingerboard is the abalone rosette which complements the professional look of the instrument. It provides a bunch of high-class appointments that any ukulele wants in an instrument. The surface is finished with a sleek satin method and the tuning machine is presented in the color silver. Tuning works extremely well and complete.

  • The sound produced is very harmonious and full.
  • The traditional Hawaiian look gives an artistic feel.
  • Stroking fingers on the string feels comfortable.
  • One of the best soprano ukulele with a design that is very appealing.
  • The price is very reasonable and within reach of most people.
  • Can be played for hours without causing any pain in the fingers.
  • You do not need to make adjustments too often.
  • A popular model from the brand.
  • Can be maintained without much effort or time.
  • Easy to carry and also doesn’t requires extra maintenance.
  • The setup could have been a bit better.


4. Lanikai LU-21 Soprano UkuleleLanikai LU 21 Soprano Ukulele


A Short Overview

The LU-21 is the most famous model from the brand LANIKAI and also it has made a good name in the ukulele industry. The geared tuners and excellent features make it one of the best ukuleles for beginners. The design is mesmerizing and the functioning is smooth.

The construction quality is very high eminence and to ensure it the best mahogany is used. The Body is a warm tone which gives a strong midrange projection. The fretboard is made of rosewood and so it would feel very nice with the finger. This model is very durable that lasts really long.

Feature Details

The last thing you would want to deal which is a ukulele that takes time for restringing. And so, to reduce the problem and deliver the best possibility of functioning this brand has made a ukulele with the ready-to-play feature.

There is a gig bag that allows the user to carry the ukulele and so you don’t have to worry about the instrument not fitting into the travel bags. This travel-friendly bag is a great bonus to add convenience.

The solid instrument can tune wonderfully and the chrome to looks appealing and sturdy to use. There’s no worrying about the tuning pegs when you want to play or transport it.

  • The best soprano ukulele that also includes an instructional DVD to lessen any confusion.
  • The tone is very smooth and soulful.
  • A reasonably priced ukulele for beginners.
  • The accessories that come along make the whole set complete and effective.
  • A basic ukulele not appropriate for high demanding folks.


5. Kala Mahogany KAA-15S Soprano UkuleleKala Mahogany KAA-15S Soprano Ukulele

A Short Overview

Now we’ll be bringing an overview of the instrument from KALA who has produced a very decent ukulele that works really well and looks absolutely striking. It is has a size that has become very much popular. And there’s a lot of good reasons for happening so. It is well equipped with a handful of good-looking features to working with.

Feature Details

The manufacturing process is a bit different from the other companies and so they can deliver very solid tools. This ukulele is made of mahogany that is a really good substitute for koa material. It gives a sturdy construction that lasts really long. People have appreciated the fretboard that is made of rosewood. This a lightweight and hard enough musical instrument that can make all your basic requirements full filled.

The finish and exterior are really nice and the satin finish provides a refined look for elegance. It is planned with a unique design to provide the best ukulele experience to its users. There are overall twelve frets on the neck and the long scale is almost fourteen inches. This is a treat to have in such price range for sure.

The tuner that comes along is also a fine tool than most other brands in the similar price range. The strings are soft and smooth enough to touch and play. With this soprano, you won’t have to worry about replacement anytime sooner.

  • The tone produced is very warm and mellow to hear.
  • The novices would totally love the usability.
  • The nut and saddle that includes are made of Nubone material which gives a strong performance.
  • Doesn’t requires replacement and maintenance too often.
  • You can easily store and carry it to places.
  • The ukulele doesn’t look out of fashion.
  • It sometimes fails to stay in tune for more than one day.


6. Makala MK-S Soprano UkuleleMakala MK-S Soprano Ukulele

A Short Overview

This is one of the best soprano ukuleles that comes from the Makala brand and it has a construction quality similar to the Kala brands. However, there are few dissimilarities in features and other stuff. Both of them offer something special. This one has a price point that offers more than a few other models that fail to meet expectations.

Feature Details

The overall construction is tight and clean in features. There is no gaps or blanks that can create major problems. It isn’t the most flawless equipment. However, considering the price, it meets requirements that are basic and elementary. The playability is nice and delivers a decent sound that is full and beautiful. The size of the ukulele is the smallest one and as a soprano, it leads to a good place.  Your kids or anyone who has a small hand can effortlessly play the instrument.

Most of the ukulele in cheap price can’t really produce a tone and have a thin and tinny sound. However, this model doesn’t have these problems and so you won’t suffer from it. The tone is fuller, warmer and thinner than most others in a similar price range. The shafts don’t look boring and it is a bit cheesy in a good way. It gives a different design that catches the sight flawlessly.

  • You do not need regular maintenance or repairing.
  • It gives you service for a good amount of period.
  • Very much budget friendly and suits anyone of any earning capability.
  • There’s no complex function to make you confuse.
  • A basic ukulele mostly preferable for beginners.
  • You do not need to adjust the tool too often and warming it for a few days will do the trick.
  • The strings are good and smooth to feel.
  • It looks very classy and unique one.
  • It isn’t the most perfect ukulele with upgraded features for the specialized players.


7. Hola! Music HM-21BU Soprano UkuleleHola Music HM 21BU Soprano

A Short Overview

This kit is a precious thing if you are someone who appreciates bright colors and wonderful design. Also, it’s a perfect one to offer as a gift to your loved ones. Your music-loving friend would really feel warm. The brand HOLA has brought life to the words that music brings happiness. They have made an exceptionally functional tool to take your music journey at the top of the peak.

Feature Details

There is a multicolored strap, picks and tote bag coming along to make the kit more attractive. The tote bag is good enough to carry your ukulele with you to places and comfortably. You put it on your shoulder and walk freely without any hesitation.  The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood which is a high-quality material to ensure a solid and sturdy performance. This is one of the softest wood that gives the smoothest texture. The comfort level of the tool is too high and so you do not feel any pressure on your fingers.

This is well equipped with strings that are white nylon and the geared tuner that gives the perfect Hawaiian melody. The instrument provides a good guarantee time and affordability to most of the people with average earning ability.

  • The best soprano ukulele with the bridge equipped in and it is slotted.
  • It is a real instrument that is decent in sound and tone.
  • The design looks really nice and attractive.
  • The edges are a bit sharp.


8. Luna Ukulele Honu Tribal Turtle Soprano PackLuna Honu Tribal Turtle Soprano

A Short Overview

This is a Hawaiian feel ukulele that would be a treat for your eyes thanks to its good looks and appeal. You won’t be disappointed with its high features that are really convenient. This model from the LUNA brand is a popular one for being an inexpensive and elementary ukulele.

Feature Details

The Honu features a tough body that is twenty-one inches in length and made of high-quality material. The full-size soprano body is non-cutaway and is made of mahogany. The design is simple but elegant and has a touch of Luna classics. The smooth satin finish enriches the quality and visually. A uke that is below a hundred dollars in price can’t be better-looking.

The nylon bag that comes along us very convenient to carry around and also there are backpack straps that make carrying it in shoulder easier. The model has a nice tone that is rich in warmth and that’s because of the mahogany used in it. For small stage shows or mini-performances, this ukulele can be the best one.

  • The turtle makes the uke look fantastic and the inlays and pig also enhance the class of the uke.
  • The logo of the Luna also complements the look.
  • A tiny uke for any type of player no matter beginner or pro.
  • A perfect ukulele for kids and they would love the design.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • There’s no worrying about regular repairs.
  • Very long-lasting and stays the same for a long amount of time.
  • The top two frets come a bit flat and that is the only problem.


9. Makala MK-SD/PKBURST Dolphin Bridge Pink Burst Soprano UkuleleMakala MK-SD Dolphin Bridge

A Short Overview

This is the best soprano ukulele that has made a good name in the ukulele industry for being a feature-rich tool to provide the best performance. Any level ukulele player, whether a beginner or a pro would really appreciate the features this model from Makala provides. It has a very sophisticated design that looks elegant and uncomplicated.

Feature Details

This ukulele has playability out of the box. It has a string height that provides an action low enough to avoid any kind of struggle play. There is a need for a bit of setup work that could bring some action. The beginners who don’t know how to do so can easily get it done by someone else by paying a small amount of money.

There’s no buzzing or high frets and so every time you play it the notes would be clean and clear. For anyone who doesn’t have large hands will find great comfort in using this ukulele. Also, it could be the best one if you are thinking to send your kids to ukulele classes.

The material used is the mahogany and it is a quite budget-friendly tool to get. The solid top ensures better sounding and tuning.

  • A budget-friendly ukulele suitable for anyone.
  • Doesn’t cracks or get collapsed too early.
  • The material used is strong and high quality.
  • The sound produced is soft and smooth.
  • The strings are well pitched.
  • Less maintenance is enough to sustain the tool.
  • A perfect tool for kids.
  • Suits both beginners and pro players.
  • Comes with an uncomplicated design.
  • The chords need to be improved.


10. Fender Soprano Ukulele” U’Uku” – MohagonyFender Soprana Ukulele Mahogony

A Short Overview

This is one of the best soprano ukuleles that is not too flashy but a beast in sound. This model is shockingly one of the finest sounding ukuleles that come at a very reasonable price. This is a well-built tool that would impress music enthusiasts and fanatics. The sound produced is extremely clean and full.

Feature Details

The top of the ukulele is built in an unusual process by the manufacturer and so its bit different and also extremely long-lasting. The mahogany was used to build this ukulele along with soundboard bracing. It is a small size soprano that provides the perfect harmony.

The neck is made of mahogany and it has twelve frets. The fingerboard is made of high-quality rosewood, the most ideal material to use. Also, the bridge is made of rosewood to ensure the finest strength.

The design is simple and uncomplicated and so using it is easy. Anybody of any age can start with it and go a long way in ukulele playing. It’s a perfect companion that would go a long way with you.

  • This is an inexpensive ukulele player that stands strong for a very long period of time.
  • The strings are perfectly fitted and feel extremely soft to play.
  • No stress or strain is caused to your fingers when you play it.
  • Doesn’t require much care or effort to store.
  • A portable tool that could be carried along whenever going to any place.
  • Perfect for small shows or performance.
  • A gig bag should have been included.


How to Choose the Perfect Ukulele?

Purchasing a ukulele, predominantly for beginners, can be a puzzling experience. For choosing the best soprano ukulele you need to be careful. However, no matter what type of ukulele you decide to buy, try to consider these few factors to get the finest one that you can have.


From tiniest to largest, these are known as soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. There are also further sizes such as super-concert (flanked by tenor and concert) and the completely tiny soprano. The finest choice for novices is perhaps the soprano. It is the typical ukulele size and provides the sound most connected with the ukulele. Its size denotes to the fact that it is well befitting to playing chords. Also, the inexpensive ukuleles are practically always soprano ukuleles. The tenor ukulele gives much more area for your fingers to the passage, making it more appropriate for solo playing. It is the size maximum time used by specialists such as Jake Shimabukuro.

The concert is a negotiation between these two – giving the benefits of both – and is one of the favorite sizes of some people. Baritone ukuleles are much nearer to guitars than they are to ukuleles. The make a much more profound sound and are tuned like the upper four strings of a guitar. As such, they incline to be favored by guitar players and people aiming to move on to the guitar far along.

The Price

Ukuleles can be purchased very economically (less than twenty dollars sometimes). These very cheap gadgets that are not great superiority, but they are a lot of fun. If you are grave about playing the uke, it’s well worth devoting an additional few dollars for that first step up in superiority. Makala and Lanakai are two brands which make decent budget ukuleles. If money is nothing, having your ukulele completed by a luthier is the best decision. A skilled luthier will be able to guide you over the process and help you determine the basics that will suit your type of playing.

The Brand

There are a massive number of brands all over the place. Modern makes, for example, Kala and KoAloha, vintage ones such as Martin and long-standing brands such as Kamaka. Each brand has its own followers and critics. Reading around on the web will give you a decent idea of how well appreciated a brand is. You might want to deliberate where a ukulele is completed. The world’s most esteemed brands tend to be completed in Hawaii. These brands make ukuleles in Hawaii in a workshop of skilled creators which offer regular tours. Nowadays, most ukuleles are made in China to keep costs down and incline to be lower quality. As a concession, certain brands are made in China but done in the US.


You can get ukuleles from a lot of places but choose a ukulele shop that also transports tools. An electric tuner would help you select which ukulele to buy. Use the guitar tuner to examination the first, second, third and twelfth frets. Confirm that each fret is half a step away from the prior fret. There are unlike types of tuners for ukuleles. Some have geared tuners, certain use friction, though others use pegs. Usually, ukuleles have friction tuners but they are not unavoidably of the highest quality. Novices usually get ukuleles that have geared tuners since they are sturdy and informal to tune.

The Nut

To get the best soprano ukulele another consideration you need to make about is the nut. You have to make sure that the cords are placed resolutely on the ukulele. The nut must not be very high or too low since this may cause the ukulele to be out of the melody. When the strings are too slack, it can cause a buzzing sound when you are playing the ukulele. The fingerboard must be even enough so that the fretboards do not feel like they are piercing you. Go for the ukulele stores for ukuleles that provide cracks and dents. Older ukuleles may have a few cracks in them so they would need to be fixed before you can use them. As much as conceivable, buy one which is in unspoiled condition.


You must also deliberate how the ukulele feels as soon as you are holding it. A number of people say that the player and the instrument should have a mutual similarity for each other. See if you like how the ukulele sounds while you are playing it. Check how the neck of the ukulele feels in your hand. Get a ukulele shop that bids affordable yet decent quality ukuleles. Fix a price range for your ukulele and get the best one you can discover based on these principles. Of course, this would depend on your separate budget but you’ll get more pleasure and be more likely to stay with your tool if you buy the highest class instrument you can have enough money.

Protecting Your Ukulele


Proper care of the best soprano ukulele you just bought will prolong its beauty and functioning. Prolonged severe or rapid changes in temperature must be avoided. Extreme heat can unstiffen the glue and may cause the bond to pull off or worse yet, the thing may collapse! Never put your ukulele near heaters or inside a vehicle. Dodge storing your ukulele in the sun beside do not let your ukulele just lay there. One sure way to defend and carry your ukulele is with a superiority hard case or gig bag.


Hard-shell carrying cases and gig bags are suitable ways to carry and maintain a ukulele. The improved cases will protect the ukulele from dangerous temperatures and the dangers that occur when transporting the ukulele. The hard-shell case is the favored choice for carrying and storing a ukulele. Hard-shell cases are tough and will protect the ukulele much restored than gig bags from dings and scratches. The improved cases should have enough lining to keep the ukulele warm as well as snug. Evade cases that have zippers in its place of latches. Zippered cases are usually not as sturdy as those that have metal latches. Cases that have metal latches are more ribbed and are usually made of wood or some kind of durable plastic.


Gig bags, from time to time called soft bags, are an alternative way to carry and stock the ukulele and are naturally made from a nylon solid. Although they are not as durable as cases, they are perfect for carrying the ukulele to a certain outdoor event. The better ones must be at least ten millimeters thick and must come with shoulder fastenings. They are lighter than cases besides ideal for those on a financial plan.


Hard-shell carrying cases as well as soft bags can cost anywhere from a few dollars to close to 200 dollars for convention models. A good price range for moving cases is between 50 to 70 dollars and possibly ten dollars or so for a soft bag. The more costly cases will undoubtedly have either a black rhino-grip or tweed exterior. These cases are mostly quite sturdy and have metal latches. Several have a lock and key, which is a great feature. Paying around 10 dollars or so would get you a modest gig bag with satisfactory thickness and shoulder straps.


Ukuleles that are stocked in a case, or to a few extents a gig bag will have a habit to last much better than those left out exposed. Keep in mind the restored ukuleles are completed from wood and are defenseless to dings and scratches that can happen in everyday life. Devoting in a quality case or gig bag is a wise speculation. There are many trustworthy websites that sell ukulele cases and gig bags for less than what you might find in music stores. Lots of the improved websites must have a customer support section where you can call or email queries or concerns, if not dodge them

Here are certain helpful tips:-

  • Hard-shell cases are favored over gig bags.
  • Metal latched cases are usually stronger than zippered cases.
  • Get ready to spend anywhere from 50 to 70 dollars for a decent case.
  • Soft bags must cost around ten dollars.
  • Soft bags might not evade dents but are perfect for those on a financial plan.

Guarding your ukulele against temperature limits and the dings and scratches that can occur just makes sense. You almost certainly would invest a lot of time and money in your ukulele. It only makes sense to guard it for years of musical delight!


Most of the best soprano ukuleles are usually less expensive than other types and are a decent choice if you are a novice or not sure how thoughtful you want to get with your ukulele playing. By going to YouTube, free online directions for tuning your ukulele can be found by only typing in a suitable keyword into the search box. A diversity of ukulele fanatics can be found there clarifying the finer points of tuning a ukulele. These are exceptional and well worth inspecting. As soon as you make your conclusion, enjoy playing your new instrument, and take pride in your musical goings-on!

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