Yamaha FG800 Review 2021: Is This Perfect For You?

Guitars have always been on the top of the list for a person who wants to make some music, be it just as a pass-time or professionally. But people always get confused about what guitar they should buy which meets each of their demands. There are so many companies that make guitars. But Yamaha is a company that has always stood out from a myriad of companies making musical instruments. This Yamaha FG800 review will tell the readers how they have successfully done it this time also.

Yamaha FG800 Description:

The Yamaha FG series has proved to be a great guitar at a budget price since its inception. It has always focused on playability, sound and build quality. What made the FG series come to the limelight was the FG180 which was an instrument used in countless hit songs and records. With the passage of time, it has made its place in beginner guitarists’ home and practice pads. And now, a huge number of amateur guitarists use Yamaha guitars to start their hobby or passion.

The Yamaha FG800 is an acoustic guitar costing only 200$ right now on Amazon which a great instrument to be picked up by beginners or amateur guitarists. It has various features that make it stand out from the crowd by both its look and sound.


The build quality of the guitar is much better than any other guitar in this price range. It has a body that feels very comfortable to hold and play. The body is 25” in length and is a non-cutaway dreadnought having laminated nato back and sides. The top board is much more durable than other guitars, but it surely doesn’t compromise with the sound quality. The whole guitar sports a glossy finish with b&w multi-ply bindings and the neck joins the body at the 14th fret (it has 20 frets in total).


  • Top- Solid Spruce
  • Back and sides-Nato Wood (Eastern mahogany wood)
  • Binding/Bridge- Black
  • Finish- Gloss
  • Neck- Nato wood
  • Fingerboard- Rosewood
  • Nut/saddle- Urea
  • Number of frets- 20
  • Body Width and Length- W-16.22”; L-19.88”


The top of the guitar is made of solid spruce which is a good material for a guitar of this price range. The bottom and the sides are made of laminated nato. The neck also has the same material as the bottom and sides. The fretboard is a rosewood fretboard to make it comfortable to play. It sports 20 frets. The guitar has a nut width of 43mm and a scale of 650mm. Chrome hardware of the Yamaha gives it a nice look and sound. The natural color of the guitar is sure to attract people to complement it.

Sound Quality:

Almost all the Yamaha guitars have a very nice sound. And this case is no different. Considering the price of the Yamaha FG800, the sound is great. The dreadnought shaped body and the scalloped bracing makes the guitar pretty loud. The shape also makes the resonance much better than any other guitar of this price range. It has a very impressive tone. It doesn’t cause many problems for the guitarist even when rough strumming is done and proves itself by making a great sound. The sound is not too hard or booming; rather it is in the sweet spot that makes the tone pleasurable for the audience. The sound also doesn’t get distorted during the highs and the lows. And as the guitar keeps getting played more and more, it’s sound quality also keeps developing.


What makes it different:

There are other guitars in this price range also. But there are some features and characteristics of this guitar which makes it jump to the top of the list in this price range. Yamaha has always tried to provide good guitars at a very good price. While other companies decide to charge for their brand, they have focused on being able to provide the best quality. This case is no different. With its sound, performance, build quality, overall look the FG800 can definitely satisfy the buyers while other guitars can’t do it in this way.

Who should buy this guitar:

An amateur or a complete newbie should go for Yamaha FG800 Guitar. Even if one is an advanced player but is looking for a guitar for minor jamming and practice sessions at home, he or she can go for this guitar. People on a budget can go for this which will not cut a hole in their pocket.

Yamaha guitars have always been known for their bang for the buck offerings. Even in this case, it will live up to its name.


This Yamaha FG800 review should be enough to make people understand how nice the guitar is. It can make people fall in love with it within a few moments of picking it up. There are definitely some flaws. But everybody should consider that it is not a professional guitar. It is a budget guitar. And as a budget guitar, it has great quality. From the sound, the resonance, the bass to the body everything should be enough to make people blow their minds. And if other guitars of this price range are considered, the Yamaha FG800 will definitely surpass all of them with its amazing features.

All in all, Yamaha guitars have always been known for their bang for the buck offerings. Even in this case, it will live up to its name and help the new users to learn or play occasionally.

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