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11 Best Tenor Ukuleles In 2021 – See, what have we got?

Choosing a good ukulele is not a tough job, but for a beginner, it is like a nightmare. In fact, many professionals are still struggling to find their best tenor ukulele. Now, you can ask:

Why do the professionals confuse before buying a tenor ukulele?

Understanding the ukulele sound is a crucial skill for any player. Still, for the “hurry guy,” it becomes more stringent because of limited time. That is why most of the professionals fail to choose the right tenor ukulele.

To save our professionals and beginners from the confusion, we have decided to put our best tenor ukulele review. From this review, they will get some good ideas for their future ukulele. As well as, the beginner will get some vital answer to their most searched questions.

So, without any further delay let’s get into the business.

Top 11 Tenor Ukuleles Comparison Table:


Best Lohanu Tenor Ukulele
  • Handmade wood.
  • Great sound.
  • Amazing accessories.

Best Hricane Tenor Ukulele
  • Great sound.
  • A strong binding.
  • Polished fretboard.

Best Kmise Tenor Ukulele
  • Quality mahogany wood.
  • Walnut frets.
  • Easy to use.

Best Aklot Ukulele
  • The Strap pin is sturdy.
  • Excellent sound.
  • It fits with the arms.

Best Ranch Tenor Ukulele
  • Position marks.
  • 18 frets.
  • Strong body.

Best Hola Tenor Ukulele
  • It has the bevel armrest option.
  • Free lessons.
  • Online Support.

Best Kulana Tenor Ukulele
  • Real bone for nuts and saddle.
  • Rosewood frets.
  • Sweet Sound.

Best Hricane Tenor Ukulele (slim)
  • Slim and lightweight.
  • The decoration is good.
  • A well-decorated gig bag.

Best Enya Tenor Ukulele
  • The matte has finished with matte.
  • Flexible.
  • Quality accessories.

Best Donner Tenor UkuleleVIEW ON AMAZON

Best Stary Blue Tenor Ukulele
  • Blue color uke.
  • Easy to play.
  • Free Lessons.


11 Best Tenor Ukulele Reviews:

Through this review part, we will discuss the main features of every tenor ukulele. For that reason, our featured uke player has chosen the top-notch gears. To pick the top 10 tenor ukuleles, he considered the body part, head part, and neck part.

All of those three essential parts have scrutinized individually, and you are going to witness that from now:


Lohanu is a Canadian famous ukulele maker, and they have a new brand definition. The definition is L= love, ohana= family and community (a Hawaiian term), U= unity. Pretty interesting, right? Wait! There are a lot more things. And we are going to talk about those things later based on our perspective.

What do we like most?

We liked the tremendous sound and body materials. The materials in the lohanu are top class as far as we saw. And they picked the best craftsman, which reflects through their product.

As a part of the reflection, we did not face any buzzing sound and tuning problem. Instead, lohanu amazed us with its warm and bright sound. 

This brand has made the head with a mix of Sapele and mahogany wood. That is why the chrome-plated tuner pegs get extra support. With additional help, it can handle the Aquila nylon strings stretch. As a result, the tone stays inflow 

As an enthusiast, the uke expert explored a different kind of wood. Maybe that is a reason behind choosing the technical wood for the fingerboard. This did not impact on playing, because we felt the same sweet sound in every 18 frets.   

Mahogany/Sapele wood has taken care of the body part. In the body part, the manufacturer has also ensured atop notch binding. As a result, the technical wood bridge and the high-end saddle, nuts could produce better music.

This uke usually comes in various options. For example, a digital tuner with battery, padded gig bag, plastic picks with pick holder, uke hanger, and extra set of Aquila strings



Hricane is the symbol of life, joy, and share. This is what the brand owner says. To keep the footmark of their brandmark, they have equipped the finest materials for their product. Before talking about the product, let us tell you an exciting story.

This uke brand has established from a love story. A boy had a girlfriend named Hricane, she loved the music of ukulele. Based on her taste. The boy finally instituted a ukulele company.

What do we like most?

Now let’s come to the standout part. Here we will tell you about the most liked parts of this exciting brand. So, the most accepted things of the ukulele are bovine bone, tuner pegs, and design. It does not mean, we compromised with the sound. You will know more detail in the latter part.

We noticed that the producer has used the Sapele wood for the head part and closed peg for tuner parts. To assist the tuner pegs, we saw the bovine bone nuts. That is why the sound tastes the gravy.

In the second part, our expert had noticed a walnut fingerboard with position marking. This feature will help you to produce a light and warm tone. For that reason, the walnut fingerboard is unique. Not only the previous feature the neck part provides, but also it enhances the clarity of sound. For the brass made frets, you will experience a great melody from each note as well as a playing room.

A single butterfly rosette has taken the ukulele into the next level for the lucrative art. Why are we saying that? Because Sapele wood usually reflects any kind of art perfectly. Like the art, the manufacturer had concentrated on binding and body shape. They took excellent care of the back and front portion. Maybe that is the reason behind a perfect sound. Oh sorry! We forgot about to write the walnut bridge. It also supports the soundhole to produce a warm tone.

The product comes with a padded gig bag. This bag is sturdy, and it can protect the props from unwanted attacks.  



Kmise is a famous Chinese music instrument production company. They have a reputation in making a quality ukulele. That’s why the company could able to sail its mark in the heart of the user community. So, as a user, why people liked the Kmise ukulele?

What do we like most?

Let us answer the question with our perception. We mainly liked the accessories and fingerboard of this ukulele. As a ukulele player, you will always prefer flexibility. So do we. For that reason, we want to write about the ukulele parts so that you can understand “why we choose?”.

The first thing about this tenor ukulele is its head part. Every material of the head part has made from the best materials. For example, the head part has been made from mahogany wood. The tuner pegs have also made from copper. So combinedly, all the elements are usually keeping the tuning standard, as long as the user has not changed.

There is another reason for sustaining the uke tune standard, and that is for the neck part. A neck part is an essential part of a player. This is the place where a player bloom. As a uke player, you will always search for the flexibility of playing the scales or chords. For playing the uke stuff correctly, you will need a smooth fingerboard.

Kmise tenor ukulele has the smooth fingerboard, because their craftsmen have used the walnut wood for the fretboard, and stainless steel for frets. These quality features ensure the flexibility of playing.

We noticed a triple-A mahogany cover in the body part. The reason behind using mahogany wood is to take care of the sound. Mahogany wood is famous for its dark and warm tone in the music world. And Kmise did not compromise in quality.

The producer provides a pack of essential accessories with the delivery. Like – a padded gig bag, digital tuner, straps, extra set of Aquila strings.



Aklot is a California based growing ukulele company. They have been creating the most quality uke from 2012. Through their uke making journey, the company has satisfied a significant portion of the customer base. And we are going to write the reason behind creating a big consumer base from the next part.

What do we like most?

We actually liked the lesson book and the wood quality of the ukulele. To sustain the quality of this musical instrument, they choose the solid mahogany and rosewood. With the mahogany and rosewood, Aklot ensures a quality sound for the uke player.

The top part of this ukulele has confirmed a mind-blowing tune. For ensuring the tremendous sound, the product designer had preferred some pure copper gears. As a result, each of the string keeps a sustainable tone.

Besides the cover of pure copper in the tuner, we found a flexible tuning experience. It has possible for 18:1 measurement. This measurement is ideal for tuning in the right notes. 

Like the head part of this ukulele, Aklot used the quality wood in the fingerboard. Pure rosewood has used in the fingerboard for flexible playing. When a player plays the regular chords, he/she will get an extra user-friendly advantage in the fretboard. So, what type of strength as a user, you will get?

Well, the fret has enough space for the big fingered player.

In this part, we saw the solid mahogany touch in the entire body. A rounded edge has also assisted the mahogany wood and rosewood bridge for producing a warm sound. Not only has the wood contributed to bringing good music, but also the “real bone made” nut and saddle have a significant contribution to create a great sound.

Aklot sends a full package with their ukulele delivery. In that package, they include all the essential ingredients for a fresh ukulele user. For example, there is a nylon gig bag. Inside the gig bag, we have seen an extra string set, picks, beginner lesson, and straps.



Ranch has been satisfying its vast customer base for 17 years. Through this seventeen-year journey, they have provided guitars, ukulele, and other musical instruments. All the music gears have the highest quality as far as we have seen. And we are going to tell our observation of the ranch tenor ukulele, which is the best-selling musical instrument of the Ranch.

What do we like most?

Based on our observation, we can say that -ranch ukes sound and player flexibility are the most smooth and crispy things. It has only possible for the touch of experienced craftsmen. 

The head part of this uke has made from mahogany wood. And a touch silver gear has also included in the tuner pegs. As a result, we have experience fine-tune in ranch ukulele.

Now, let’s move on to the second part of the ukulele. Our observation says that – it serves the best finger exercise experience. Aquila nylon strings and Sapele wood have created a great combination with the silver nickel fret. That is why when we played chords and notes, it sounds impressive.

Yes, Mr. Mahogany has taken care of his son in this case. And we got the proof from strumming a chord circle. The Sapele Bridge and plastic nut were acting like excellent assistance when we played the notes and chords.

It is not like that; the mahogany did the total job. Instead, a touch of Sapele wood had a contribution to finish the job. This wood had shaped the edge part in such a way that – the back part and side part has insulated the sound part naturally.

The ukulele comes with a gig bag; in the gig bag, you will find an extra set of strings, tuner, and instruction manual.



Hola musical instrument company is a family-owned business. Since 2011, they have been successfully winning the heart of a musician. And we tried to know the reason behind of Hola’s success. It was really goosed bumping for us. That is why we want to share the experience through their tenor ukulele review.

What do we like most?

As a ukulele player, we liked the combination of “wood and strings” of this ukulele. Every part, like the head, neck, and body, has the touch of an expert. What type of feel the expert gave? Let us answer then.

This classical ukulele head has made from Nato wood. And the forest is famous for creating a warm sound. For making this warm sound, Hola’s headstock has four golden color tuner pegs. These tuners are flexible and can hold the tone until you change.

After the head part, “what part does actually help you to feel the sound?” Yes, the neck part. It has made from mahogany and rosewood wood. Rosewood fingerboards are famous for the dark sound. For that reason, we saw a beautiful touch of silver fret in the neck part. The best part of a silver fret is -its playing flexibility.   

A solid mahogany touch we have noticed in the whole body part. Of course, there is some more essential touch we had seen. They are a real bone nut and saddle for producing the Hawaiian sound. So, we can assure you that you are going to experience fantastic music with the touch of Walnut wood and Aquila strings.

A brown color padded gig bag, signature straps, extra set of strings, and picks. All the accessories have standard quality.



Kulana ukulele is a growing company, there is no authentic information about the brand. But some genuine review we have got. Plus, our musicians had tried the uke for 2 hours. So, based on their experience, we are putting our following observations.

What do we like most?

Notably, we loved the binding and total alignment of the ukulele. This futuristic combination treats a uke player like a professional guy. This means you will enjoy every strum.

Like we said -a futuristic combination. This feature we have seen in the head part. Now, how does it look like? Well, the producer has used a well-crafted Mahogany wood, and die-cast chrome tuner. These ingredients grab the tone and tune in line till you change.  

Nato wood and rosewood have created a great combination in the neck part. For that wood combination, we experienced flexible playing. Every note and chord was representing the real Hawaiian taste. This is only possible for a slight change, which is “nickel fret.”  With this silver color fret, you can play the inversion for bringing a sweet diversion, in your music.

Mahogany wood has a mysterious quality. The quality blooms when there is a sweet combination of saddle, strings, and nuts. Kulana has ensured the blend. For that reason, the owners used “real bone” for nut and saddle.  They also used the rosewood for their bridge part. In a nutshell, the company did not compromise any quality of its product.



In our previous review, we have talked about the hurricane company slightly. And we reserved particular information for giving that here. So, the data is -Hricane has 100 unique processes to make a ukulele. This is the reason why we choose the product.

What do we like most?

Slim and flexibility have won our hearts. To make the ukulele lean, Hrican had to go through complex analysis. Now, what is the analysis? Look, a slim type ukulele cannot produce the loud sound usually. This was an obstacle for the manufacturer. So, they overcome this option with an arch shape.

Since the uke had built through a complicated process, we saw a blend of different wood in the head part. For example, hricane has used a Spalted maple and spruce for the head portion. For supporting this head portion, there are four enclosed gear tuners. These tuners are perfect for holding the tune.

Our expert has seen some crucial factors in the neck part. And the elements are walnut fingerboard, white copper frets. These two options have basically introduced for playing flexibility. Every note and chord was sounding natural and loud when we strummed.

Spalted wood is famous for the tight low, and crispy high tone. That is why the hricane preferred this wood, in this slim uke. They also added a real bovine bone for nut and saddle to stop the irritating buzz sound.  

The ukulele comes in many essential deliveries. Inside the delivery, there is a leather strap, polishing cloth, a padded gig bag, an extra set of string.



Enya produces 10,000 ukuleles in every month. With this amount of production, they have satisfied a significant user base in China and Texas. By maintaining success, they have sailed 15 different branches in different countries. The company has a strength, which is its quality. And we are going to write about that from the next part.

What do we like most?

And we liked the high-pressure laminate feature of this product. The stand out point of this feature is its tight and sharp sound. As a singer, you will able to blend your voice with the music.

Wood-like mahogany has taken care of the top part. For supporting the head part, there are four open machine head tuners. All these tuners can hold the tune as long the user changes any note. This is the actual power of the slotted headstock.

Like the head part, this second part has a sturdy touch. We noticed an ebony fingerboard and nickel frets as the reflection of sturdiness. That is why the uke player feels a summer vibe after strumming on the D-addario strings

A fresh and crafted mahogany timber has used for the body part. In the body part, there are two more essential things, they are saddle and nuts. Since these two features are the most significant factor for sound, the manufacturer invented a high-end plastic material to sustain the solid sound.

A premium case, two picks, tuner, capo, polishing cloth, straps. And all the things are high end.



Donner is best for its quality. Every year they introduce their new inventions to the ukulele player. The secret of new innovation every year is its research and development team. And this whole team analyzes every part of a ukulele so that a user gets the best experience. And we are going to write about the user experience below:

What do we like most?

This uke is best for its sound, no matter where you are. It will just fill your heart with a musical sound. In that, you just need to strum some emotional chords. Seriously, we liked the music.

Maybe chrome-plated tuners are the most exceptional weak point to our guitarist. That is why he literally hugged the mahogany head for his next show. The total combination has a fantastic combination to hold the tone.

A quality ukulele represents its neck part with the quality material. And we got the proof in this donner uke. This Hawaiian uke has rosewood made fingerboard, and brass made fretboard. All the fret has enough room for fat and slim fingers.

Now let’s come to the body part. In this part, the manufacturer has used mahogany wood for better sound. A better sound not only depends on the wood but also it depends on the bridge and saddle. For that reason, Donner used quality bone. This feature helps a uke player to make the sound crunchier.

A fresh user will get a strap, extra set of strings, picks, guitar tuner, and a padded gig bag. Every additional delivery has quality as far as we know.



A unique tenor ukulele we have got in our final list. The reason behind keeping this Ranch ukulele in our list is to introduce with you an excellent ranged uke. Now, why are we saying this one as the good ranged ukulele?

What do we like most?

Well, let us answer the question. We actually liked the color combination and user flexibility. For example, the strap pins are not usual. For this facility, the uke player gets enough space to play.

This part has made from the Sapele wood and silver nickel tuner. As a result, a fresh player will get a sustainable tuning according to his/her needs.

Ranch has also added the uncompromised features in the neck part. In this part, they have added a rosewood layer and silver frets for comfortable playing. Thus, a uke player enjoys every note and chord.

Sapele wood is a good alternative to mahogany wood. That is why Ranch blends the rosewood and bone saddle for a dark and warm sound. And when you strum on the Aquila strings, you will see the truth.

A fiber clothed gig bag you will get with your delivery. Inside the bag, Ranch provides all essential guidelines and lessons.


Tenor Ukulele Buying Guide:

Maybe you are thinking, “how we choose the ukulele?” and asking a question like this is reasonable for any buyer. This is why we decided to answer the problem through a guideline. We named the road map as a buying guide. So, let’s see what can our team do for you?

Check the head part:

First thing, you will notice “the head part.” In this part, you will check the wood quality and tuner peg quality. For checking the class, we recommend you to tweak in open strings. If the sound is pleasant. Then the ukulele has met the first test.

Observe the neck part:

When your desired ukulele has met the first test, its time to check the second test. In that case, we suggest you to check the three parts of the neck. First, you will see the fingerboard by playing scales and chords.

During the time of checking the fretboard, we also suggest you notice the frets. Brass or Silver covered frets are best for making a crunchy sound.

Analyze the body part:

This is the crucial part where every sound result. For this reason, we advise you to monitor in-depth. Let us show you some examples. You will check the wood quality. In this case, Mahogany, Sapele, is the best wood.

Next, you will check the bridge and saddle, if these two things have made from walnut, rosewood, and real bone, then look for the strings. Aquila or D Addario is the best ukulele string so far. So, if the final test meets your needs, then it’s time to click the “pay” button.   


And we are going to answer some common queries here. The reason for designing this question/answer section is to secure your primary inquiry. As a result, your future buying cycle will become easier.

What is a tenor ukulele?

A tenor ukulele is more significant than soprano and concert uke, but smaller than Baritone uke. So, the size of a tenor ukulele is 26″

What is the best tenor ukulele?

Well, this is actually a critical question. If we have to specify a single brand, then it will be tough for us. So, it’s better -we recommend some of our favorite brands. And they are Kala, Donner, and Ranch.

What key is a tenor ukulele in?

G major scale and tune string notes are as follows (G C E A)

How many frets does a tenor ukulele have?

15 frets are there in a tenor ukulele.

Is ukulele more comfortable than the guitar?

Yes, learning the ukulele is more comfortable than the guitar.

What’s the easiest song to play on the ukulele?

There are a lot of easy songs to play in the ukulele. Since you want suggestions, let us pick some easy songs for you. And the ideas are Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton, Hey souls sister by Train, I am yours by Jason Mraz.


We tried heart and soul to give you the best tenor ukulele suggestion. For this reason, our ukulele player went store to store so that you get real user experience. So, our advice is – please follow our guidelines before buying your first or second tenor ukulele.

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