How To Tune a Ukulele Without a Tuner (1)

How To Tune a Ukulele Without a Tuner (Beginner’s Guide 2021)

Many of our readers request to know how to tune a ukulele without a tuner. So, finally, it’s here. If you already know how to tune a ukulele with a tuner, then it is not so hard to tune without a tuner. Still, be afraid? No need to worry! I am going to explain it now. Today you can learn quickly from this lesson. This article might help you how to tune a ukulele without a tuner.

All right, so those are the name of the strings. Now I am going to show you one more way to tune. So actually I am going to detune every string except the C string. Let’s stay tuned the G string tune it down usually after ukulele sites for a little while your strings will be lower, not higher, but that would be a bit weird, but often they drop okay.

Now I am back to my lovely out of tune. I know if I can get one of the strings in tune or even if I can’t if I say I’m going to tune everything to this C string.

How To Tune Ukulele Without A Tuner?


So I am going to assume that C is in tune which I know is right now but even if it’s closed. I can still turn up my ukulele without a tuner by using relative tuning, and I can tune all the other strings to that string any way we’re going to do that is I’ll go with not G string and I’m going to count one two three four five. Five frets right up here and I’m going to put my finger on that fifth fret I’ll hold that g string down, and I’m going to tune it until it matches the C string. So stick to it. Keep your finger on the g string. So now they’re some pitch.


So again it’ll sound funny if they’re not some pitch. You’ll hear some wobbly stuff happening and then keep turning it to live the same now on the E string. I am going to hold this C string down on the fourth fret one two three four. So one fret down from where I was holding the G string. And I am going to bring the C the e-string up to that note almost there. So what I’m doing here is I’m playing an E on the C string, and then I am matching that e on the E string getting the E to match it okay. Then I’m going to the A string. I know my G C and E are in tune. So I can use the E string to tune the A string what I need to do is go up to like the fifth fret. I did on the G string. Hold the e string down and get the A string match that note just a little low that sounds the same.


So I Oka Leigh is in tune, and I didn’t have to use a tuner. I just tuned the Google Ailed to by itself. But all you have to do that is make sure that one of the strings is pretty close to in tune. Where you want it, then you can tune all the other string to that string alright.

Learn How To Do Some Strumming Play

Now we’re in tune. And we are ready to learn how to do some strumming play. Ukulele is a complete programmer for everyone regardless of musical training or experience. Learn about the parts of your ukulele the different size and even find the right case for you. In a way with this one discovered several ways to get in tune with and without a tuner. Learn the most common ways to strum the ukulele using your finger and a pick. You’ll learn all the chords you need to give you access to all your favorite songs. And you’ll be making music right from the start. Discover common chord progressions to make learning most songs a breeze. You’ll even learn to about fingerpicking, and you’ll get plenty of tips to make practicing and making music on your ukulele fun.

Old Trick:

Now I’m going to show you an old trick called relative tuning. It is called corresponding adjustments. You can tune each string relative to one of the other string. So what that means is you won’t necessarily be in concert pitch to play along with the other instruments. But you’ll be able to tune to yourself. You and a ukulele and not a piano to tune to you’d be able to get in tune enough that you’d be able to strum away your last remaining weeks on the desert island.

How To Tune a Ukulele Without a Tuner

How To Tune Old Style:

Most ukuleles are tune with that G, and that’s C. So, that’s not our lowest note on the ukulele. That causes a little bit of confusion and bafflement. So we’re going to start with the next string which is C.

You’ve got to get that close to tip pitch that’s the one we’re going to be using as our reference point for relative tuning.

So if you can get them close, you can tune the next string relative to the C string. So there’s our C, and we’re estimating that that’s correct.

Fred it now at fret 4. So fret 4 C D E that becomes an e note.

When you fret it, and you can tune the next string which sound should be open to an E by comparing it to the note your fingering. So here’s the one I’m fingering on string 3.

You have got it in tune that’s key go to fret 5.Where you’ve got a dot, and that’s going to be a note on string 2. That sound is the sound that you want for string one open the note.

So there’s string two covered foot 5, and it matches the sound of string one open. If string one doesn’t match, you’ve got to change it around a little bit.

            Watch This Quick Video Tutorial:



Final Words

So finally we ‘have got tune string four closest to the ceiling. It’s a G to get that relative pitch. You can finger it at fret 2. If you are already in tune string 4th fret, 2 is the eighth note. We know that the first string also a reminder.

Even you get first string where you want it to tune. You can get that in mind, that’s the sound and as you cover fret two string four tunes twisted to match the first string. So that string one match with string 4.

If you notice this writing, you certainly hope to learn to play the ukulele.

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